*ALL NEW* Pal Hunter Mode!!

This new mode would be accessible from my Pal Hut idea a few months ago and would be a PvE mode that does not include other players, similar to the dungeon. You click a button in the pal hut and it transports you to a gloomy forest. You are in a little circle surrounded by trees and you have to earn enough points in your current circle to unlock the next area. This new mode would be similar to the OR map, where you can remove the clouds to be able to attack more islands once you get enough Dominance points. In each section you unlock (including the section you start in) there are 5 rounds (or bases if you wish to call them that) that you attack. There are ten sections in this mode (once again, including the section you start in). So, you gain points to unlock new sections and in each section you unlock 1 pal token (NOTE: You have to get 3 crowns on every attack in a section to fully earn the one token, however, you may still continue on to the next unlocked section once you have finished your attacks, even if you have not unlocked the token). There are 10 tokens to collect in all. If you can collect all 10 by the time the event has finished, you unlock a brand new pal!!

Really great idea. Finally something who will attract me to play a little more. A new PVE is always more than welcome 

Bump! I feel like this would be a fun new mode for everyone!

this would be an amazing i dont get why it would be an event thought it would best as a pernament game mode and for deafeting levels you not only get tokens but some pal treats maybe random pals if you are really lucky ( ones that you already have ) ( and you would get this from the truesure chamber )

Yeah, @Harisgok, it’s meant to be a new mode that will get you new pals. And sure, to add to the suggestion, you can earn Pal Treats in attacks!

Bump again! @Madlen, please. We need feedback on suggestions, especially suggestions that have not been downplayed

In Olympus Rising, you guys at flare put together a quick PvE event that gives you your rewards as soon as your done, called the Odyssey. No countdown timer to wait and see what position you got overall, just play and then as soon as you finish you get the rewards you’ve earned! We need something consistent like that in RR2. Now, some might bring up the dungeon, but even then, you can only successfully attack ONE time in the dungeon before you have to wait another week to attack another dungeon. This new PvE mode would bring tons more opportunities in the game and would really help it overall, making players spend more time on the game, while having fun at the same time!

It s a good idea but I think the seasonal events where we get new pals and equipment r simpler and more rewarding.

By the way, u shouldnt have used OR as an example because it is a kind of  … boring game (sorry flareG!!!) 


In my humble opinion, it is a nice suggestion, which would be interesting, but this would need a lot of code work because it would be a completely new game mode, so it is nothing that can be implemented in a short time.

But if in the future we are looking for new game mode ideas, I will make sure to bring up this idea again.

Royal Revolt-mon! Catch all’a dem bad boyz!

Version 5.0 then, maybe…