All struggling alliances combine

Hi kings and queens who can’t get members. Why can’t we join together and form a alliance we would be at least 10 strong , more i rekin but lets get together, we are all trying to do the same thing. Leadership is nothing to me but I’d like to general. What do people think?

And how do you plan on setting it all up donation, name and balancing wise? I am currently leader of an alliance I have had for a while with 11 members (was more) now but I’m looking to leave. Not sure if the guys would like to do a team up but you never know. What are your players donations level and hero levels?

Why don’t both of you and your teams join my alt alliance call {RW} Raging Warhearts our donation can be from 500k-2m and we lvl 13 now in only few day :slight_smile:

Petal I think I have you on friend list in my baby account

I’m in Tgilee. There are only a few of us currently. We are trying to build our alliance up more. We’d love to have you join!

hey fire yes I do have a friend calls dark ’ I 4 get at the moment. and as there havnt been as many replies as I was hoping 4 ; I’m prepared to jump on so if you make some room please send another invite.

hi Abe thanks for the offer but I’m going to accept fires invite to raging warheads. please come too as you know numbers count for strength in war.I’m sure you could secure a general’s tag as patr of the deal if your

bringing your crew with you.sorry about the double post…I do think joining is a wise move as you know its hard getting good members

hi fresh as you can see I’ve chosen the readymade option as i thought all the people trying to start would’ve seen opportunity but most must want to lead their own crews. as to your questions which were valid i would have opted for a democratic based alliance to resolve and choose the directional momentum for growth. thanks and good luck and like i said to abe raging warhearts is my choice as I believe there’s a bigger picture with them

Thank you for your word plus I have re invite you thank you for choicing us as your teams :slight_smile:

No worries, my second home (will be first) is Genie and Master