All the time NURF NURF AND NURF!

Before Jason was cry that heal too strong, so fare nurf it, now heal even with upgrade is crap…

After players cry that snake are strong, so flare nurf it, now even with upgrade snake is crap…

After players cry that firebolt tower strong, so flare nurf it, and even with upgrade firebolt tower is crap…

And my favorite troop, GARGOYLE, insted of learning how to kill them with max sb/bliz or Knights, player was cry its too hard so flare NURF it, and now gargoyle is CRAP!!! :slightly_frowning_face:



What about Paladins? :wink:

After flare will destroy the paladins i will add them too :grinning:

This post is more about why not nurf the paladin…

I really don’t get you David. After over a year playing this game all I worked for really hard just vainished. No skills required to raid with paladin+wolf combo because everyone is crushing everyone’s base with 30 seconds left at least, all the time and effort spent on upgrading you defense is for nothing because it doesn’t matter if you have an open base or a full maxed base, the result is the same. I’m all for nerfing Paladins ! I don’t say it should be as useless as it was till now but at least I would want to see some skill required while using Paladins :wink:

Let the majority speak on this … Top kings are leaving … Top spenders are leaving…


Game is certainly not balanced bro. So let Flare nerf and make way for strong defences like GOLDEN old days of game play.


We need everyone in the game. For that defences must be very strong… so please stay with us 

I’m lvl 77 with 3600 trophies and max sonic blast, all dungeons complete and most troops I attk with maxed. I do not find raiding too easy at all. Game balance appears vastly better at the intermediate lvls. Sounds like much of the problems are coming from the high lvl 24/7 boosts and from complications from Flare having a gem based revenue model. While working on the balance for high lvl players, Flare must be careful not to harm the play balance for all the players with less than 4000 trophies in alliances not running a slew of 24/7 boosts. In other words, the vast majority of the game’s players.


All this talk reinforces my belief that the game is much more fun and diverse for lower lvl players and alliances. One big problem is probably arising from there being no more upgrade path remaining once you max everything. This has a slew of ramifications.



Yep, almost no raiding skills needed anymore. Even if you max all the troops and spells.

All you need is to be in one of the top alliances that sustain all the possible boosts 24/7

So, the conclusion is: Buy gems, upgrade to max Allytower, join a top alliance and you’re ready to Rock and roll.


David, your thread here, is probably suggesting one of the reasons for many players frustration. Players seek for Consistency, Confidence and Stability.


Please let me use your list:

  1. Heal was too strong - everyone rushed towards maxing it, for nothing…

  2. Snakes were too strong - all began building and upgrading them and also tried to change their offense tactics to beat the snake bases. Then they were nerfed…

  3. Frebolts & Gargoyles - same story. A rush for something that became useless by the time they maxed all…

  4. Paladins? A very short romance.


Players get confused. No consistency, confidence or stability. Only frustration.


The solution is probably to relax, have fun, be patient and not to rush into maxing every new overpowered issue. Cause it will be nerfed soon after some complaints.





Snake now (after recent buff) are somewhat useful again, but before they were useless. 

Gargoyles were nerfed a lot shortly after the first people maxed them and people complained “too hard to beat them”, now they’re useless. 


gargoyle was nerfed after a week , most players are not strong enough to counter them back then.Now that more players are into level 80+ they become useless.Might be a good time for FG to buff them to original stats again now.Although it will be easy to kill them with max blizz/swordrain now.

Okay ya gargs were nerfed after about 1 week of them being pretty much unstoppable when they 1st came out. That was 1 year ago so I really don’t consider that a nerf to them at all anymore. They were BALANCED. The only reason they are not useful now in the high end gameplay is everything else has gained new levels. Gargolyes are still very powerful in the 2000-4000 trophy range. Gargolye are deadly there when you don’t have a high enough sonic blasts to blow them up before they self destruct.



Whats wrong with wanting offense to be able to beat most bases? The game is an offensive based game, you spend the majority of your time raiding and you want it to be fun right? What fun is it if you HAVE to scroll to beat all the bases even if you are the best raiding in the world? I am sure that you cannot walk blindly through top level bases without thinking about tactics. I am sure you actually have to use your brain some to fight up there and time your spells properly.


 Maybe you guys on defense are missing something and not trying new tactics that will prevent the opponents from beating you 100% no scrolls?


With Paladins as they were … No you didn’t need to use your brain, you strapped on a wolf or two and ran, you could effectively beat a base with them and wolf alone with a huge amount of time left, the only question was … what did you use as a third troop, as to be honest you didn’t need one.


As for bases, I am all for the very best raiders tactically beating hard bases with no scrolls, but every man and his dog above about lvl 90 was a joke, even then those below that could do it with 1-2 scrolls too. If its raiding and raiding only you want, why not give all players max bases for free, no upgrades needed and allow them to just choose path design and, tower type and wave formation. What is the point in upgrading anything when the offensive troops make it nigh on impossible to put up a decent defence. As it stands the game has become very oriented towards raiders, the Paladins as they were just made it farcical.

Just can’t understand some high level players 


when an unit can’t be used against top bases they complain that it’s useless   

but when Flare makes that unit strong enough to beat top bases they complain asking for a nurf   

when a tower isn’t strong enough to make an effective defense they complain that it’s too weak

but when Flare makes that tower strong enough to make a hard raid they complain its too strong



seriously, what do you want?

Those high level king, they just dont like see their base easily destroyed and ask to nurf OP troops…but for mid lvl kimg those OP troops for them just like regular strong troops

I guess there’s a relatively tight border between “too easy” and “too hard” for high lvl raiding…


If you can beat a well-designed and maxed-out heavily-boosted base (in other words, the strongest possible bases ingame) too easily (takes over a year of very active playing; faster if you pay a lot), then all those high lvl people see all their efforts in building up defenses over months/years, potentially having spent tons of gems, but surely tons of time, suddenly becoming useless.

Also, if upgrading your own defensive stuff is useless as defense is too weak altogether, raiding (at least outside war) is useless because why collect gold if your upgrades don’t matter anymore as “any” high lvl king can beat you easily? And if defense doesn’t matter and raiding thus is useless… then playing as a whole becomes useless and all your previous efforts seem like a waste. 


On the other hand, if you have to scroll on every raid against a max lvl base even with a maxed out offense (because king stats above lvl ~95-100 don’t really matter anymore, a lvl 100 king is considered “close enough” to maxed here, if spells and troops and boosts are maxed), even when you are a very skilled / good raider, then you will ask “why raid at all, it costs more than it uses me?!”. If it’s impossible to beat max bases without scrolls, no matter how well you do and how strong you are, then raiding becomes punishing, and you can either “pay 2 raid” without any perspective for improvement, or quit raiding, which equals quitting the game. 



Opinions on where this border exactly is at any given time, or where it should be, can differ based on own perspective, skill and device performance, as well as some other things.

But most will agree that if one particular troop becomes far superior (or inferior) to all feasible alternatives, then the unit is overpowered (or underpowered), which creates imbalance concerning the general difficulty.

It also reduces the number of feasible choices to 1 (the overpowered unit), or to “one less than before” (all previously feasible choices, minus the now underpowered one) - in any case, the amount of feasible choices will be lower than before, which makes you have less choice for your own raiding/base building and also makes your raids on others’ bases have less variety and thus less entertainment. 

Same things basically apply to spells, structures and equipment effects, as well as path layouts. 



Now, things get more complicated when different kinds of stuff can be differently powerful at different levels/stages in the game (e.g. high / low / mid lvl, boosted or unboosted, etc…), or when different platforms have different performance, bugs, features, whatever, that may influence how a raid turns out. Thus, players with different perspectives on the game (being at different levels, platforms, devices, experience/skill levels, alliances, etc) may find the same feature too strong or too weak.

One thing to note, is that 1. high lvl players usually have been mid and low lvl in the past (and sometimes even are, on 2nd accounts), making them potentially more experienced over the whole “spectrum” of progress and RR2 evolution/changes, and that 2. at “the top” where everything tends to approach the maximum, there is no room for saying “well, if you upgrade that other stuff by another lvl, it will be more balanced again, I hope” because there’s no more lvl left. Lower down, you constantly change your perspective slightly, as you and your opponents progress further, but when the “end” of the road of progress leads to an imbalanced place, then there’s nowhere left to go. Thus, high lvl players potentially have a more experienced opinion and also no alternative to calling for better balance at their level. This does NOT make lower level players’ opinions unimportant, but (in addition to greater effort/investment/interest) it explains why many high lvl players are more eager to express their opinion and call for adjustments. 



Having said all that, the main issues I personally see, are conflicts of “boosted vs unboosted balance” as well as “what does it mean to need ‘skill’ for winning?”.

In the past, skill has been replaced more and more by paying and grinding, so maybe it’s ultimately not so much a question of what single things are over/underpowered anymore, but rather if the border between too strong and too weak can be drawn properly at all given the current system, making discussion about single units barely more than a distraction from the bigger problem… 

Oh wow, I’ll just agree with you so you won’t write another huge reply like that x)