All the time NURF NURF AND NURF!


Great points, Heroes!!!


Here’s my suggestion:

After ANYTHING has been maxed, be it a spell, a tower, a troop, it’s power could/should be tied to some aspect of the player. That way, a truly strong player has an option for making his base stronger all the time. What are these aspects? It can be any combination of the following and more:


  1. King level

  2. Trophy level (but might be susceptible to trophy dumping, but it also might deter players from manipulating the trophy system)

  3. Player success over previous X number of battles.

  4. Player “courage” - how often a king goes up against a much harder base, regardless of win or lose

  5. Player activity - players who are more active are more valuable to the game

  6. War activity - players who are engaged more in war (to a certain point) are more valuable to the game


Right now, leveling up gives little to no advantage to a player’s base, and only marginal advantage to King stats. 


It’s time to reward top players! How about a system like this, Flare?

Mmm, you have some interesting ideas