Alliance acceptance fault & chat system


Someone wants to join my alliance, I accept the request it says player already in alliance then his request disappears from my mailbox. He perhaps joined another alliance before I accept his request, but now he is not on my mailbox and there is no record I can never find him to invite back. Why does the player disappear from my mailboxin this case? Why do we slide in between menus -surface is too big it takes too much effort to navigate-? why cant we have better menu transitions?I think it should be improved together with the chat system because messages disappear in time there is only active chat messages are not saved. I am not a coder could someone explain me how complicated is it to improve current features of the game, better chat, better alliance system etc… or how much time would it take and when can we see some major functionality improvements?

alliance system works fine and why invite players that moved on and apply to many alliances. shows no real aim to join just your alliance.


and to save chat history im assuming would be rather taxing on the servers for all the players and cause some issues for people we older phones.


like a few alliances for conversations that we want saved we turn to the forum PM system or to our FB group.

This is your opinions, not an answer to my questions… I respect that  but I don’t agree…

not agreeing is fine tho im not sure no one but admin would be able to fully answer this tho my idea of strain on servers and devices alike is possible so im unsure that will change,


also do you check peoples info before clicking accept? if you do you can see if they are in another alliance and if you want to invite them that would be the optimal time to do so as they are still in you mailbox, also im not certain if trying to accept them after sending the invite would have any change to the invite but i would just leave their request unanswered while the invite was active. hope thats a bit more of a help :slight_smile:

Keep in mind this the first iteration of the in-game chat and social functionality. It is very basic, a little buggy, and…well, let’s just say there’s substantial room for improvement. So, your concerns and ideas for are well-received.

The good news: I am sure Flare knows this and that they intend to fix existing bugs and build out the chat/messaging facility in-game. Why?

  1. It keeps you in-game, and in-game doing something that isn’t as server-taxing. Things like “session time” are key metrics for game publishers; and this only serves to improve that stat.

  2. Similarly, a lot of what could be discussed in game and the communities that have grown up around the game are on Facebook. This is good for Flare, but not great. Often it requires leaving the game to participate, and much of the discussion about the game is private and represents a lot of interaction over their product that they can’t study/assess except for where it leaks out or bubbles over onto their FB page or over here. Getting players to a place where they can relocate that activity here spins off tons of benefits. One of the main ones:

  3. Every “social” medium today is heavy-laden with advertising! It is a key revenue generator and if we know anything about Flare, they are always seeking new means of monetization (as all app developers are). I am certain they are interested in improving the aesthetic, utility and variety of in-game communication because it means more eyeballs/impressions, etc.

To answer your questions: it isn’t difficult, but a matter of priority and allocating man-hours/resources for coding/QA, etc. That said, Flare only stands gain by improving it, and im sure we’ll see effort to make some in-roads into pulling Some of the “shadow” community activity out in FB into the game. At least, that’s what I would do. :grinning: