Alliance anouncement page

It would be handy if there was an Alliance announcement page where leader plus general can make official announcements for the other members. Chat is nice, but announcements like asking for which elite boosts should be activated and other important messages sometimes take a few lines of chat and they disappear too quickly from the chat. As a result they aren’t noticed by all team members.


It could be included in the mail of Alliance also as long as other team members can be informed.

Hey that’s a brilliant idea :slight_smile:

I have to give the credits to our alliance leader Master Diaz. He came up with the idea.

Master Diaz…i think I had seen that name somewhere.btw nice idea Diaz:)

Thanks Dena, I meant to make a post of that Alliance announcement tab, it would be useful for Our vote system for Elite Boosts in United We Stand.  I feel Flare will add it eventually because it would be essential and simple to add seeing as most other games with Alliances or Clans contain multiple tabs for Alliances.

Umm… Great idea really, but you’re possibly a little late.



This idea sounds a lot like the “Alliance Message” feature already included in the game.


Alliance Tower>Info>Manage>Message:

You just change the message and it’s sent to everyone in your alliance. Maybe what you’re looking for is this feature but with more available characters.


Also Leader and General can do this.

No not the Alliance message thing on the Alliance tab when you open it up which by the way hardly anyone uses sadly.  I’m saying a tab in the chat for announcements that is easily scene and something longer than the chat so members can see with ease.  It’ll get implemented eventually, Flare does a rather good job with listening to reasonable requests from users.