Alliance "Apocalypse".

English speaking alliance “Apocalypse” is currently recruiting new members.We are currently in top 5 alliances. And also we are as friendly as it could be. We would be always happy to welcome new members to the family.

Rules and requirements of our small, in-game community are pretty simple: 1. You must be an active player above 4500 trophies (active - meaning you must do at least everyday donations and be able to actively participate in wars, we have some people who are below 4000, but they are either our old comrades, or someones trusted friends, and they donate daily + fight with their gems in wars to ensure they do as much as others). 2. You must have alliance tower level 9 and plans to upgrade it to level 10-11 in the near future. 3. You must be friendly to others. 4. You must speak english, or have someone who would always be at your side and could explain everything to you at your native language. You also need to have/sign up a facebook account. 5. You must join our facebook group in order to make communications easier and to read important announcements in time. As long, as you follow those rules and requirements - you would never be kicked or removed, cause we are family, who respects each other. If you can’t play for some time (a week or two, not more), simply notify me, and everyone would wait for you. Leave your nickname here, or write to me at the facebook, my name there is Evgeny Gaikovich. 

Is the above 4000 rating referring to trophies or rank on the leaderboard?


Just for clarification, Im loyal to my alliance =)

I think leaderboard…

Not sure… if they’re a top5 alliance, I guess they could actually really mean 4k trophies?

Alliance “Apocalypse” is still looking for active players above 4000 trophies, who could level their alliance tower to level 10 eventually (no speeding up the process required).

Well, we are still recruiting people with 4000+ trophies and (that’s important) level 8+ alliance tower, that must be upgraded to level 10, as soon as possible. I can assure you, that you would never be replaced or kicked from our alliance, as long as you’re an active player who is making at least daily donations from the tower (simply because it would be wrong to use elite and gold boosts of our alliance, without contributing something). We are friendly community, that are always there to help or to answer any questions about game.

We are almost at 40 people limit, when we would activate at least 4 boosts for infinite time. Right now, there are at least 2 slots that are available (that could change, if those people would suddenly make contact with me, but I really doubt so, cause I have tried to reach them for almost 18 hours, looking that they are entering and leaving the game without paying attention to notifications or in-game chat). If you would follow our rules, and you meet our requirements, be sure to write to me at facebook or here. Active players, who could talk would never be replaced once they are part of our alliance (as long, as they are still playing this game).

Hey leader of  Apocalypse. Can you help me? how many slot to active “Raging wolf” level 2?


hello doinno … 39 slots is your answer 

scary, doinno want to use elite wolf lvl 2 

Thx for inviting my members without loyalty, I mean it

Well, now we are recruiting again. Thanks to the update :slight_smile:

Less and less free slots left :slight_smile:

Well, we are recruiting, again :slight_smile:

cost 25 pearls to join  Apocalypse  :wink:  

RevenanT, I’m pretty curious why u don’t like to use heal/shield in your raiding?

The main reason - I play on Samsung Galaxy S3. And it lags ALOT, sometimes I cannot move my character for 5-10 seconds. The only way I could raid strong bases - if I play mainly with hero, it minimize the lags. So, I basically just rush with my hero alone to the castle before timer runs out. Couldn’t do that with heal/shield spells.

I hope I could buy Samsung Galaxy S6 pretty soon and get used to different tactics using shield and 1 time warp/no scrolls at all per top 50 bases.

that is one interesting reason to know  :wink: