alliance banks

Given the cost of upgrades the present means of accumulating money works only for the house and players with lots of cash to
throw away.  To keep those of us who live on tight budgets, I propose creating alliance banks’

  1. allow extra donations over the daily donation. these donations can be any amount in excess of the protected 1mm. the donations go into the alliance bank, not the general funds of the alliance.

  2. the max individual balance would be 15mm. but withdrawals could be made at lower levels.

  3. upon withdrawal, the player would receive funds less bank fee of 10 - 20%. the bank fee is deposited into the alliance’s general fund for customary use. the player receives a 1hr gold shield to give him/her time to use withdrawal. withdrawals would be deposited into treasure chamber.

4 at no time would player be allowed to exceed 15mm treasure chamber limit.

Nice idea but Flare would never implement  this as they want our cash.