Alliance Base

I honestly tried to check all the pages of the suggestion sub-forum, as well as running some searches, but nothing of this irk ever showed up. If the similar topic already exists, I am sorry for being repetitive, yet I also believe it is nice to bring the thing up from whenever it was suggested and forgotten. 

Recently, I see an increasing number people, myself included, displaying concerns regarding Alliance War. The reasons are well known, including pressure, redundancy of certain formats (Skirmish namely, being the worst) and general repetitiveness of the process. Additionally, rumors suggest that the top alliances are additionally “relishing” a small, unchanging number of opponents due to the limits of the system, which may worsen the case even further.

There are loads of suggestions from players on how should the war system be changed, which I am not going to dive into. What I am going to offer, though, is a new mechanic, which would hopefully stir the things up a bit. I believe that OR may benefit from the “Alliance Base” concept.

An Alliance Base is something an alliance builds as a group, with different buildings giving certain boosts, unique upgrades, or any other sort of benefits for the alliance. It relies on the idea of every alliance member donating whatever the amount of resources (books/gold) they can, contributing to the overall progress, with officers determining upgrades and building queues. Think of it as of a shared Mt.Olympus, with longer research times, no gem boosts, unique buildings and alliance members donating resources as the only source of income.

This would thus bring some new aspects to the game, including a common goal to unite members beside Wars, new buffs and balance tweaks, new horizons to conquer (mainly for the top alliances). The buffs can be limited to Alliance War, which would solve the issue of further increasing the difference between top alliance members and newer players (As “Tops” would skyrocket their bases in days if not hours). Within the Alliance War, though, the buffs given by Alliance Base would, in fact, be beneficial, adding extra difficulty and randomness to the process. Furthermore, this may partially solve the matchmaking issues, sometimes resulting in lower alliance being matched inadequately, as Alliance Base level may be used to determine war opponents instead or alongside with torches.

Alliance Bases may offer extra troop/defense buffs, new special powers for monsters unlocked via research, island defense rating upgrades (Alliance Base Wall = 1% advantage to defenders (skull = 10% atm)), additional chests, higher gold rewards, you name it. Overall, the system is as flexible as it needs to be and would be determined by the devs/community.

This may be quite a leap from what we have now, yet I believe it is helpful (I honestly hope) to present this idea, no matter if it would be implemented in version 3.9, 4.3, 5.6 or never. This may also seem like another grind, but with that annoying Uranus limit for alliance buffs, some of us need to use up the spare resources, right?

P.S. I am not of the highest level, where most of the endgame is meant to happen, so can’t reliably speak for you guys. Hope that this topic will be read and commented by many (Active and end-game viable players especially), turning this somewhat raw concept into something Morgan and his team may consider.

This was a concept that I believe Crabz proposed last year. I loved it then and I love it now. It would really make each alliance unique. 

If that kind of stuff is adding in the game. Olympus Rising will become the best Tower defense of all time. We have try many time to do the suggestion in Royal Revolt 2 but without success. Anyway they don’t listen nobody there. We talk in the void. So I really hope to see this in OR one day. That will make Alliance more fun and probably solve the problem of player who play lonely same in a Alliance