Alliance Battles

Flaregames, im new to game and in battle and doing well, but the max points is a joke, if a team in a war and defending a island under attack, thier shouldnt be no limit to points because now im losing a island. We should be able to keep the fight going without any limits in that battle to keep it going back n forth, and distracting other team and have possibility of winning. My hercules in that battle as maxed out and points not stacking towards the points bar and still have 4 hrs, this is unfair because i would be infront atleast 300 points and still got enough time to take it back, this as to change thier should be no limit especially when we limited to one strike per 2hrs, not really happy as good newcomer about the battles its really unfair, also im trying to recruit and nobody comunicates what so ever which is pathetic i have 6 players who dont nothing and not really listening to me as leader, we need personal mailing too and to scrap this max points, i have 2 islands im attacking and 1 is being contested ?