Alliance Battles

Alliance Battle/War would be amazing! It would also add a great boost to the game. 

The objective would to battle for territory on the map. You can also have something were top 3 guilds get crystals or ambrosia… 

Feel free to add more info 

Hello,  Yeah for sure it would be a great boost to the game!  But I think we have to wait for more players, more alliances to create this kink of war clan!  And Yes I’ agree with your idee of battle, kind of like marvel tournament of champions works! 

Hello, my name is MrSpanky I’m fairly new to the game, about a week, but I feel like I’ve progressed greatly. I’m at about 1500 trophies and in a top 25 alliance. It would be interesting to see Alliance Wars in the future! 

Hey all,

Alliance Wars are definitely something we want very much to bring to the game. As with everything, this will come when we are sure we have designed and built the coolest and most exciting way of doing it  :slight_smile: