Alliance beast in inventory first

Not sure about whether this is a must or not, but wondering if a player needs to have a certain a beast/pal in their inventory first before the game allows them to set it as their beast for defense as well. We have Celestial Phoebe (via donations from PL) available as a level 1, but some alliance members are reporting that it isn’t available for them to use on their bases. They don’t have it in their pal inventory yet, even though some have purchased Phoebe but donated it to the alliance since it was needed to activate it for the alliance a while back. We have a couple low level (new players, level 20 or so) players who can’t put Phoebe on their bases but would like to, as well as a couple mid level players (level 75-85) who don’t use Phoebe (just not sure if they prefer another pal since this discussion just came up today). Is Phoebe being unavailable to the lower level players because of the base level, or because they don’t have Phoebe in their inventory? Any thoughts on this?

Even if the new member doesn’t have a Pal Phoebe.
If the alliance has open Phoebe as a defense beast
The member can choose Phoebe as a defense beast.
Tell him that you should click on the lead.

They may be in pet selection not beast selection.
tell them to click on castle gate then beast button.

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Thanks, aslan and whatsa. I will pass this along.

Anyone else care to add their thoughts?

@Madlen, what about your thoughts? Does a player have to have Phoebe in the pal inventory in order to use the alliance beast Phoebe?

Short answer :slight_smile: No.

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