Alliance blacklist? Or he should be banned?

This player, queen880, begged to become General, my alliance (LoliKingdom) was starting, and he is one of the few players who chat a lot. He promised to not kick members nor activate Boosts. A few days later, he activated ALL the boosts and emptied the donation storage. I kicked him. Our alliance was open because I want more players to join. queen880 rejoin and start threatening our alliance-mates. All this was about half a month ago. I hoped that things will pass by closing the alliance for a week. Today, he join again, he call our mates “losers” ( and left. From my observation, he jumped about 3-4 alliances over the 2 or 3 weeks. I don’t want him in my alliance, is there a way to blacklist a player and block him from joining my alliance (I still want my alliance open), or this is an offense that could get him banned? 

Go to and file an abuse claim. This person will be dealt with.


that’s actually a good idea. Flare should add this feature

cool suggestion , pretty sure I’ll go straight into SK’s blacklist tho lulz


I don’t see why, you’d never seriously want to join them anyway Fii.

was informed by Nodus Tollens I’m already hated 


Lol, I don’t hate you …  I’m sure very few if any do. Its a game, no room for hate … well maybe wm the cheat aside.

yeah wm in Todesritter at the moment.Killem not happy , I’m not happy either.Maybe we can blacklist him in the future.But SK (not sure who) chased me out of RL few days ago , I see that as hate.

just like bug say, u never seriously wanna join RL. But RL seriously wanna recruit new player.

Unless say u make like 40m donation maybe that is a different story  :lol:


Well a general had to add him, so someone wanted him there … anyway, no hate from me, respect.  


well the timing is kinda critical, thats what i can only say. War creates more enemy rather than friends lol

Blacklist, sure. Great idea.

I will add this to the list here:

There are a few people who every day several times send Applications to our alliance. (aaaaa917, nHi miss love +several vietnamese)

Or even dozens of times per day

Either the children or idiots.They are not even close to correspond to our minimum requirements.Make the blacklist!Or at least the minimum requirements for the alliance, who can submit a request!For example trophies from 1000, the level of at least 50, Alliance Tower 5, etc.



As I wrote this, again came Application




If you do not reject the invitation, I believe they cannot send another. If they are abusing the right, report it through the ABUSE feedback form Flare offers:


Select “Report Abuse”: I believe they jump on these quick because they can be sued for grievance.

We got dozens requests. If I stack them, they will overflow and lost after half-day or earlier


Set your alliance to “Invite Only.”

We will decide ourselves what to do :slight_smile:


I will add this onto the list.