Alliance boost questions

We can have up to 38 members and total daily donation are 6 million( most of that is 4 people) with 30 members now. My question is this, What troops would you boosted with this amount of daily gold and what advise can anyone give that has been where we are?

Normal permanent boost will be knight and barricade,with the extra gold u can activate cannon boost during war cause it’s expensive and lvl up ur alliance lvl.6m donation from 38members is kinda less.

That cost around 3,000,000 gold for both of those boost. Is that a good percentage around half for boosts and half for war. We also use champions most wars.

U have no choice,without boost all ur member runaway.unless all ur member is loyal.low alliance use champion?normally base on war matchmaking,we have known the result from the start of the war.low alliance normally loses not due to skulls but always lose due to using champion is just a waste of gold

If we start those 2 boost. What Donation requirement on new members do we need? 4 of us donate the most gold we have 3 players that donate a million and 1 that does 750k.

Top in our alliance likes paladin boosted. I see not many have them boosted here.

38members normally require the min donation of 150k

Thank you Meng77. Going to show this to my leader.  Any more suggestions I would appreciate it.


just curious : You re gonna make a power point presentation for your leader ?

I feel blazing knights and tough barricades are basic. If most of you’ll like paladins, then activate it but in my opinion it is not the best. Power archer would be better. Storm Cannons are expensive so you can use it when you have a chance to finish at the top.

Do you think I should?I was going to stick with charts and graphs, but that may impress  her more and my review is coming up.

Don’t want it to be like last time ,if it wasn’t for my awesome ability of playing  the  kazoo I would be just a lieutenant right now.:wink: