Alliance Challenges

   Alliance vs. NPC


Alright so this is my first post in Royal Revolt 2’s forum, so I’m gonna try to be as specific…as…possible.

Bear with me.




   It would be nice if there was an alliance war, once a week or every two days, that the entire alliance could participate in. One super strong NPC that could be attacked by every member in a specific alliance. The NPC must be strong enough so that no one player could defeat it in one attack, instead a player that attacks could weaken the NPC by destroying a few of its towers so that other members could either continue to weaken it or go for the final blow. Of course all players won’t be able to attack at the same time, and it could be made harder by disabling the spawning of friendly units like Paladins and whatnot or by just slowing down the regeneration of the morale bar.

   The alliance leader should be given the authority to pick the difficulty of the Alliance War and higher difficulties could yield better rewards. Or, with the new governor system in place, the governors and alliance leaders could vote on a difficulty.


R** E W AR D S**

   After the Alliance War there should be a reward like Gold, gems, or food that could…

  1. Be divided equally among’st those that participated.

  2. Given to the alliance bank.

  3. Divided unequally based on how much a player contributed.

  4. Given based on a participant’s hero level. 


Ex. A level 45 king who participated in the Alliance War at the end would receive 10000(45) Gold, 3(45) Bread, 1/2(45) Gems. (450000 Gold, 135 Bread, 23 Gems)



    I’m sure that this could benefit both the developers and the players. For the players we are given more opportunities to earn gold, food, and best of all, gems. It gives members of an alliance more reasons to socialize and to just hang out and have fun because of the teamwork involved in the whole thing. It would help the developers because if there are more things in the game to interest gamers, more gamers would play the game which increases the chances of them buying gems with real currency. You could also add features to use gems to gain bonus damage when attacking in the Alliance war which would give people more reasons to buy gems. I think this is a pretty good idea and I know it would take a lot of work and developing for something like this to be implemented into the game but, I think it’ll be worth it! Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and if you skipped through all the way to the end… smh.  :slight_smile:

Hi I’m atlas and I’ll be the first to give you a warm welcome to the rr2 forums… And since you didn’t know I hate long posts such as this, but the first part caught my attention :stuck_out_tongue:

and so I’ll give you another welcome(for the lolz) and…yah

I gave them the same idea but you explained it in much better way. :slight_smile:

It’s from another game ( i donot remember its name ~ but i can find out if u want )

I’m thinking either having multiple paths that the guild as a whole has to tread through, or having just one super hard path that constantly tries to repair itself 0: That way, guild members would have to coordinate to attack it in rapid-fire succession.

Or, better yet, have just a super long path of increasing difficulty (example: starting out with bomb towers, ending with an endless line of skull towers). Each player can only attack once. And depending on how far your guild gets, you get better rewards. This would encourage alliance members to coordinate so that the weakest players attacked first, allowing the strongest players to attack the stronger portions without wasting time (yes, that’s right, each player would only get to spend 2min 40sec on the path).

The rewards should be something worthwhile, though not necessarily game-breaking. I would recommend Gold boosts between 1% and 50%. 50%, obviously, being if you had a player who ran through the path, unhindered, using Time Warp, Battlecry, Scream, and 30% Wind Boots. 50% boost ain’t gonna be easy~ :grinning:

or better yet the alliance wars should actually pit alliances against each other… not some stupid AI


one of the greatest things about this game is how multiplayer focused it is, please don’t make this a single player game


alliance wars should be just like tournaments except your whole team is collecting medals not just yourself


the reward would be set up just like tournaments except all your members are included

First of all, very awesome idea! I would totally like this to get implemented! :slight_smile:

Sounds well thought-out and is quite an impressive first post! Welcome to the forums! :wink:


Though, the title might be a bit misleading as it was often used in recent months for suggesting and discussion ideas about wars between alliances, while this idea is more about… well, a huge fight between an alliance and some kind of end boss like base in dungeon-like mission… maybe we could rename this topic to sth like “Alliance Boss Fights” / “Alliance Dungeons” / “Alliance Challenges”? :slight_smile:



damn you got some wicked input as always heroesflorian.


this should def be something separate from the alliance wars for sure!!


alliance challenges :stuck_out_tongue:

I want war with todesritter please!!!

Thanks haha! :wink: