Alliance Chat Moderator

I have seen, many times, players spam alliance chats with useless stuff that has no meaning or is just way off-topic of an important discussion. My suggestion is this: Right now there are 3 positions, Leader, General, and Member. Adding another one named Moderator, would be AWESOME! The Moderator would be able to delete posts which are deemed to be stupid or just over the top

Note: A General can be both a General and a Moderator at the same time if the leader wants

its not really a good idea and I will explain why. I don’t think the majority of people here will lose their time to watch what alliance members say on the chat and not sure people will like to be censored in a game. When I play a game its for have fun and relax and not to be watched 24/7 by a members of my alliance. I think already on Facebook we must watch what we write. I don’t want a game like RR2 be 100% censored too. If people want to express their frustration or else on the chat why not. However in a calm and polite way. 

I believe in freedom and hate to be censored by any way. When I play MMORPG online and see the majority of developer add a filter of bad word I find that a little stupid because that scrap the conversation. When you read the world chat and see *** stars everywhere just because one word starts by two letters or finish by two letters or contain more letters of a bad word,etc… its not really beautiful and far from it. The conversation are hard to understand

its very hard to add something like this for many reason. Yeah there is many kid but you punish too the adult. So a system like this I don’t know. I am not a great fan of this. I don’t know I am neutral on this . I understand you can remove toxic person who give bad ambience but you remove the freedom.

but I am interested by what the others think about this