alliance chest rarity based on gem package purchased

Does the amount of gems you pur hase affect the chest type your alliance members get?


if you buy ems of $!00 you get legendry chest

Are you sure? I’ve bought only the 20K Gem packs and people only got rare. I expected at least epic, but I was disappointed.

Its simple, there are 5 gem packages and 5 rarities

Lowest gem package = common

Second highest gem package = Enchancted

Third highest gem package = Rare

Fourth highest gem package = Epic

Highest gem package = Legendary

Doesn’t work like that. Flaregames are greedy, so you get common for low gem package, still common for second highest, then uncommon for third and 4th highest and rare chest for the 20 000 package :slight_smile:

I always buy the 20k one but my alliance members get crappy chests and some get rares…is that how it works with you guys?

So to reward my guild member’s efforts is it better to keep buying the lowest value repetitively?

Just play the numbers game instead of buying the biggest one?



Normally yes, the rarity of the chests depends on the gems package purchased.

I received the information that the highest gems package should provide, at least , a blue rarity chest.

Yeh, I think that if someone buys the highest gem package, the alliance should get a legendary chest, it sounds fair to me, a rare chest is not good enough.