Alliance days event


Could we please know how long the alliance days event will last?

Thanks :grinning:


Hi AwesomeDoud,

The event will end on Monday :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing this out, I will add it to the announcement.


May I abuse your kindness and ask if will it be before or after 12pm (UTC+2 German time)?

Thank you Alysea, your answer will be appreciated like a cherry on a pie. 


As you cannot abuse my kindness anymore, I unfortunately do not have a more precise time for it. :grinning:

I will let you know on Official announcements once we go to it.

You leave me with a bitter/sweat taste.

But I like bitter too. That brings even more flavor to the sweatness of my pie. :grinning:

Thanks anyway

So the alliance wars are next month :slight_smile: . As this event finish this Monday, I presume that the new September update will be at the beginning of the month. Can you give us a little extra information?

try coc and you will se what is alliance wars!