Alliance <Deutschland> - Top player joining with reward

Hi to all of you,

we are searching for new members for our alliance <Deutschland>. The last weeks we have continuously been at rank 10 to 12. Every time when a slot is free we want to grow - grow with our ranking, our level and our donations/boosts. And actually this is the problem: There are only very few high ranked players with high daily donations, who are not in the best alliances. And of course almost none of them want to change to a lower ranked alliance, so that there is almost no possibility for lower ranked alliances to improve their ranking.

Therefore I want to try a new way:

A high ranked player who will join our alliance will get a reward. That means:

A player with more than 4.500 trophies and alliance tower level 11 (500k daily donation) will get 15€, a player with more than 5.000 trophies and alliance tower level 11 (500k daily donation) will get 20€. The idea: They can use the money for buying more gems and getting even better.

Please mail me to to tell me details (PayPal/IBAN/etc.). I will invite you then.

What you will find:

We are a great alliance (german/english) of “non-professional†player. Most of us play regular. But their are no rules or regulations and sanctions to those who cannot play/donate a day … It’s a game - and we should have fun together 😊 And we have some generous players who made it possible to get to this level and rank - thanks to them!

I would be happy if some of you will contact me.

Have a nice day and have fun with playing royal revolt 😊


Daniel der Edle

I hope u have a plan for some guy taking your money and then leaving the alliance…

Do you think being not in the “best” Allaince is importent for all Players. What is the “best” Alliance?

Why do you think money bring high level player to you? What ever.


I wish you luck on your way.


gogo Deutschland :grinning:

wow that is very generous of you Daniel :slight_smile:

nice way to entice high level player to join your Alliance.

I have some suggestion for your rewards 

  1. You can give gift cards like Microsoft xbox card, google play card and itunes card.

    players can use it to buy gems.

  1. You can drop gems on their bases  :wink:


Well Goodluck with your Alliance Daniel… :slight_smile:


Have fun!


You are absolutely right! First, being in the best alliances is not import for all players; and second, “best” is not precise. “High ranked alliances” would be more precise. Nevertheless more than 95% of the high ranked players are in the high ranked alliances. And the point is: Higher ranked players means more gold boost; higher donation level means more elite boosts, means more trophies, means more gold boost … I don’t know if some players will take that offer - but it is worth a trial :slight_smile:

Thanks for wishing me luck - I wish you the best for your alliance too!


Using gift cards or codes is a great idea! This would be much easier then PayPal etc. and could be directly used for gems. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. And dropping gems on the bases: I really thought about this - but this is too inefficient :grinning:


@all: I would also send you gift cards / gift codes. Only send me a mail.


Wish you a nice day and enjoy playing Royal Revolt :slight_smile:

what if they are american… we americans have $$$

We have to change the currency then :grinning:

I would like this idea if I had 5000 trophies and max lvl alliance tower

Is there a general on?

Ummm… Hahahahahah! Sorry to dissapoint gents, but Duetschland has merged with Solidarity (name change in progress), and we are *not* doing anything like this. Good heavens someone please close this topic before my top players read this :wink:



At your service. Though if it has anything to do with the original post from about 4 generations of players ago, I cant help you



Haha sorry to message you. Someone has contacted me bro!