Alliance Discord server- pros and cons? Also Q

Hello folks, my alliance has been looking for a better way to communicate, especially for conquests.  The argument could be made that there should be a better in-game feature (and I agree!), but we’ve decided to try out other options while we are “waiting for that to happen”…  I remember awhile back there was a link to Discord pinned by the old CM, but I haven’t seen it in awhile.  I know there are many teams that use discord for their alliances.  Could you name the pros and cons of using discord?  I got the general gist of it, but I’ve never done this sort of thing before.  I’ve created a channel, but can’t get the overlay to pop up for the game.  I was hoping to get some things up and running before presenting it to the team at-large, but I’m not quite understanding it myself in order to answer questions.  We have a very active alliance, but towards the end of the CQ, you could tell patience was wearing thin.   We want the team to be able to give their input and feedback on things much easier, and if we can get everyone to sign up for this, we should be golden.  The problem is the overlay was my “selling point” and I can’t get it to work.  I’ve tried the tutorials and videos, and have done what all was said- bit still no overlay.

So, to anyone here who has set up a discord server for their team, what could I be doing wrong?  I am on Windows 10 pc, and use the RR2 app that came with laptop.  I’ve also logged in through the xbox app on the laptop.  Neither bring the overlay to the game.  I understand some of you prefer line or something else, but I’ve invested the time into this- I’d like to give it a shot.

Thanks, KT4


Hi @KingThunderbolt4

Discord is indeed the best way to communicate. Those who say something else do not know about the many possibilities and felxibility a Discord server offers. With the rights system you can easily talk to only parts of your alliance, Generals, Soldiers, Friends or other. You could dynamically create groups for squads in conquest.

As for the overlay, I can not tell you much about it, as I do not use it. I just know the Discord guys are working on improving that feature for PC Version. But it does not work for Android and iOS clients as far as I know. You manually have to switch apps/programms.

Try to convince your Alliance members to use it. It might take some time but it is totally worth it. We (Last Bread Fighters) are using it for two years now and our members love it.

Here is the link to RR2 Discord created by our former CM. Flare has lost interest in it, this is the reason it is no longer promoted here. But it has very capable mods and we are independent now. ? Visitors are very welcome, we can also help you with building up your Discord.

Yeah, I think Discord’s the fastest and quickest way to get around to talking with your alliance. And as MK also said, you can create your own groups and stuff, it’s actually really fun! The only downsides I see, are that it’s much harder for people that are on mobile devices, so if you’re looking for a good app that communicates well on all devices, then maybe Line or Whatsapp is for you

Discord on Tablets is fine, I am using it a lot. When on PC, that is an even more comfy option, of course.

But agreed, on a phone it needs a bit more effort to navigate, but many people still handle it very well.

Yes here at AG we use LINE primarily because it’s a very good mobile option, less so on PC however but still very functional. But LINE has actually been a wonderful tool being able to leave channel-posted notes and sharing albums of pictures full of hints, tips and tricks. It’s made it very easy to communicate to other generals important information as well with those tools, such as tracking donation/online participation daily. I personally helped manage our conquest with the help of it for a #1 win at 246 even with a few blunders and only lvl 6 HQ/6 builders. So definitely looking forward to helping the alliance grow a tier! I had members who were offline check LINE and came online during conquest to move when I tagged them using mobile. And honestly when I played WoW, I checked Discord much less often on mobile than when I currently check LINE now in RR2, it’s definitely handy and fun too. ?

I still honestly really like Discord, but feel LINE is more accessible, but picking one and sticking to it is always best. Researching both before deciding would be my recommendation, especially when it comes down to the tools you have to do the job, notifications and visibility, then pick based on your own preference! Happy organizing! ?

Just a decent chat program would be a huge improvement? A true messenger app in game ? One where you might actually be able to cut and paste? Or correct your sentence without deleting the whole thing…