Alliance Discussion Section

Will there be a new sub-topic section for alliance discussion/recruitment ? I think there should be one instead of people having to post in the general discussion section and Flare should also adverstise this forum on their Facebook group more often to help this forum grow plus maybe insert some option in the game that links to this forum.


I’ve seen lots of people asking question on RR Facebook page comment section and most are not answered.At least if they join this forum , community member can help a little bit.


Oh , one more question.Who’ll start an alliance of their own ? 

Question, can we join more than one alliance at any one time?

The best way I can answer this is by saying… patience young pattawan



I think no , theres no logic on allowing people to join more than one alliance at the same time

Perhaps to test the group dynamic and see which one you like?

Well for that you can join one and leave if its not suitable or inactive , thats how it work on other games

The updates aren’t Happen… all we need to do is To wait… 

I guess there’ll be some kind of sub-forum for alliance topics in the future.

The general discussion forum might get reorganized completely to structure the topics a bit better.


Also I like the suggestion to have links ingame and on facebook to the forum! :slight_smile:


And btw I like that guild tower! :slight_smile:

Thank god they have found some space for the alliance tower or else we might lose one of our farm to make way for the new tower  :stuck_out_tongue:

can i somewhere (please no facebook) read about the upcoming alliance sytem (rules or something else) by flaregames?

i mean real facts.


thanks in advance

I don’t think theres something like that for now mischreiber

thanks Fii Nami for the info.

so flaregames let us all in the dark like in the past and all player have only wishfull thinking?!

that is sad

Yeah I’m afraid with no clear rule we’ll have some issue that are similar to trophy stripping or other exploit between the alliance later

Though, they might just give us a proper explanation when they actually launch the thing (hopefully!).


Until release, some details might still change / be finetuned and worked on, and also they don’t want to spoil the thrill of anticipation, hence just little teaser pictures so far.



Also, I’m no facebook fan, but I don’t mind checking their facebook page every now and then for updates (even without having facebook)… I guess it is just the medium where they currently get most attention and followers.



what’s the difference between being an alliance leader and alliance member?


Probably no one…but I am not a win player so I still have to see the upgrade…  :slight_smile:


It’s likely there is no difference, except that the leader will have some administrative capability, such as:


  1. accepting invites for new members (and the ability to decide whether the group is “open” or invite-only)

  2. Kicking current members as they see fit

  3. Deciding name on Alliance creation

  4. Deciding design of emblem (which can apparently be changed at any time)


Could be wrong, but don’t imagine they get any kind of preference in terms of stats or bonuses the Alliance earns.

I don’t think there will be any leader perks right now as this is the bare bones, initial launch.  In the future there probably will be leader bonus and other things added like tournaments and such but this is just version 1.0 and we probably will need to wait for like version 2.0 for them!


I am sure a new sub forum will be added and that is probably what jona meant when he said they are adding more sub forums…=) Happy thanksgiving everyone and see you on the  battle field


King Jason W

windows get it faster I got it!!

Yes , for now these are the only benefit of being a leader.Maybe they can add feature where leader get some more benefit for creating the alliance  :wink: