Alliance donation Pop up

Hello !

I’m an alliance leader and I would like to suggest about donation if it’s possible to make a Pop up when after 24h people can donate again ?

Just to remind them like 2 choices " Hey you can donate again ! 1) Donate now or 2) Donate later" with a remind everyone 6 hours.

And this choices also apply to new member which enter the alliance if their donation is up ?

This feature doesn’t force them to donate but sometimes people forget to check the button instinctly. 

This will be very helpfull to everyone ! :slight_smile:


Hey @Magimagic, great idea, I like your thought process here. Just a little nudge here and there to say donate. Maybe expand on this with the conquest as well if and when resources are ready…

Been asking for something like this for 3 years. ANYTHING…red flashing… pop up… notification? Any decent reminder, other than the slight, barely noticable blink.

As a leader it is annoying to have to remind players. 

The game notifies me when granny has new garbage? Why can’t it notify when it’s time to donate???

Yeah I’ve been wanting this for awhile, I get notifications for everything on my PC except for donating time.


image.pngThe alliance button under the surprise is flashing as soon as you can donate. So make members aware of that. 

Great answer @Dena4.

I can just add that when you entered in, the alliance menu, the donation button is flashing too ^^

@buttinette @Dena4

Hello, yes of course there is this flashing donation button but still it’s not very visible for us.

Donation is very important in an alliance. That makes it grow, got boost and uses to make research on Conquest.

We lead or general, spent too much time to remind or chase people to donate because they forgot or for some reason they didnt mean it.

Just a remind in mail box or a pop up will be nice to help it out.

We are here to improve our gameplay event if there already exist a feature :slight_smile:

Best regards !


A team player will watch that button, in fact a team player knows when the time arrives when donation is possible. A popup could be possible, but what some find useful, others find it annoying, so those want an option to turn it off. So when they can disable it, what use will it be?  

I really think a message won’t solve that problem. Every now and then we set that message in alliance chat. The center message you can put a sticky note with, don’t forget donation.

Personnaly, i don’t use very much the mail box. I prefer to have a flashing button which can attract my eyes during my connexion, that a mail box who you can crash it more quickly.

The another solution that FG can flashing button in other color to attract even more the players eyes, same thing in the menu, to the donation button…(red, green, what else…)