Alliance Donation Screen

I want a pretty new feature here. Instead of having the upgrade button come up ONLY when you have enough gold is kinda unfair. You don’t really know what you’re shooting for when you upgrade. I’d love to have that button still available in the Alliance Donation Screen so that we (the generals and leader only) can see what’s next on an upgrade. If you don’t have enough gold, then you grey out the button that shows you have enough gold. And then, when you DO have enough gold, add the flashing effect (as it is right now)! Tell me your thoughts. It’s not a big suggestion, but I think it’d be helpful

If Flare want to make it special and want to be demarked to the ohers game. they could add like Nonstop Knight a function who allow during the time you are offline give your donation if you have the gold. This way everyone will donate without any excuse