Alliance donations limit

Currently we can donate gold one time during 24 hours- nothing wrong with only 1 donation per day but… having timer/ cooldown which is forcing us to donate at certain hour- not sooner-  is annoying. If someone could log in for some reason  lets say not sooner than at 11pm (23:00) which is really late,  then that person have 2 options :

  1. Donate gold at 11pm and because of it be blocked with donations for the next entire 24 hours,  which means another opportunity to donate will be available at 11pm sadly. It is directly forcing players to donate only very late on a daily basis or skip their donations opportunity for this particular day.

  2. Skip daily donation just to do it next day at reasonable hour to set the timer to more comfortable period of the day- its a loss for an alliance i think(losing daily donation).

My suggestion is: Can you - flaregames- change the way daily donation is limited to certain day/server day instead of a specific hour, because it makes every another donation being available at later and later and later hour? In my opinion it will make 100% of the players happy because of its simplicity and convenience- and the number of donations will remain the same.

I had suggested a while back that they should have a once daily donation that isn’t tied to some stupid timer. It cheats alliances out of gold because many people can’t always log in at exact same time of day, every day. Those of us who have kids, have to work overtime understand all about this. My idea was this- the festival timer allows for daily battles without mandating you do them at a certain time. Switch the donations clock to a festival timer and voila, problem solved. If someone wants to still speed up donations via gems, let them double dip by spending 100 gems as it is now to skip cooldown.

at midnight time +2 reset … Just like with ‘wc’, chests …
Then someone who is late can donate 23 and the next day by 1. (time +2)

Its still uncomfortable. One is forcing himself to donate veeeery early so the next day after he can donate at lets say 6 or 8 am? Its the same situation. PLUS we dont get notifications from the game that we can donate gold :wink:

It should be  the similar system like they have with daily chests. One per day resets on 12:00am no matter where you are. 

I totally agree with you, but Flare gets us spend soemgems by skipping cooldown, and they want us to connect all the time. An other solution would be to be able to donate like every 23 or 23h30 instead of 24 hours. this solution si not as god as the one you suggest, but at least it is ore acceptable to Flare…

Yeah I don’t think someone like it. IN Olympus Rising its frustrating you connect and check left 3 hours…ok I will sleep soon… well ok I will spend 5 gems and donate. The day after you connect still 2 hours but you cannot log in time because you have something to do…ok well I will spend 2 gems and donate and so on… Flare need to change that like suggested many time like daily reward. The donation should be at the same time for everyone