Alliance donations

3 people in our alliance  (GOLD DIGGERS) have donated 900 gems for the $11 million. BUT, it’s only giving us $9 million. We have spoken to other alliances as well. They are having the same issue. 

I waited for The alliance party! When the party started - I spend 1500 gems to donate (cooldown). Total 16 donate must be 22400k - 16*(1000k+40%)! My allince got 18720k (17% - 46 fiefdoms)!!! My friends (Ukrainian Heroes) have the same problem! WHY???
Flare, where gold for my alliance!!!

IGN: Украинец (Ukrainian Heroes)

Hi, players.

This issue has already been adressed, you can see a message about it here.


FlareGames there’s nothing to do …
The coins fall into their pockets …
A bit sad that so treat someone who gives them bread

I’ll close this topic as this issue is already known and fixed. Ukikotek’s thread can be used to discuss new topics mentioned there.