Alliance Enemys!

It would be cool if we could set an Alliance as enemys!


In wars we could set an alliance to Enemys and that would allow us to get special information on there base.

In the window where you attack and enemy or or choose a new random one there would be a new option.

You could click a button and for 1k gold you could see what an enemy’s waves and towers were.


Skull towers would be grey, Snake towers would be green, firebolt dark red and so on.

Plus a modest trophie increase from an enemy alliance.


In exchange for this information on an enemy base all the enemys defenses would get a 4% increase in health.


You could only be enemys with 2 alliances at a time.



I think having enemy alliances would be fun and would be like a war in between wars.

What do you think?

This idea sounds good and regulated, but it looks more like a “Spy Mode” than an “Enemy Alliance Option”, maybe more development and some changes may be necessary.


I agree… My idea could be a base line and other people could add there 2 cents and complete it…

Nice, let’s wait for someone else’s opinion and colaborations…