Alliance Entrance

I read about Conquest mode and in the Mega bug thread that the alliance gold will be a little problem at least for low and medium alliance or for the majority. So with the boosts,the new buildings in conquest mode and War Season,etc… Can be cool now if Flare can add a option for alliance some freedom. I means each alliance should decide if they want to enter or not in War Season,Conquest,etc… The one of are interested should sign their alliance and join a list and the one who don’t want just don’t sign and don’t join

This will allow some alliance to accumulate alliance gold more easily. to allow them later to improve new buildings and improve alliance

Nope. No sign in system should be there. It’s even for all. Everyone got the update. All have to face the same problems in first conquest ( being ignorant) and eventually everyone will understand it well. There are already very less number of allinace who can keep up with the pace but if this thing steps into game…it will break the system. Many will opt out of conquest modes ( being so complex ) by time game will be dead. 


It’s all about team game. If any allinace has ignorant general who blindly upgrades buildings without noticing the gold needed for it should be demoted.


Here we can say flare should give features like name of general who did the upgrade or activated boosts ( we already have this in war )

 That allince money in the stronghold upgrade page should be bigger and eye-catching so that Thai won’t happen.

with this answer I presume you don’t play others game than RR2 right? if one day you have time to play more online game you will know this feature is used in close all online games. I have never see a game who force alliance,faction or guild to join War or event,etc… RR2 is the only one. Others online game give freedom to everyone. So they never lose trophy,torch or else

By the way maybe you was not here in the past. This suggestion was ask many time in the past by everyone. I just think its a good moment right now to bring back this suggestion. If you search very well and I know its not easy on this forum to find something maybe you can find them around 2016

This will allow every alliance who don’t want to participate to keep their fiefdoms and not lose them and keep their gold. Its just stupid you force someone to participate when they don’t want

Result? you have boring War Season like we was since over 2 years.

War season and Conquest should be like Ninja Event. If you don’t want to do just do nothing. The only thing that do its just you have 0 coins and no rewards. So a alliance who don’t do anything just have nothing but are not attacked or don’t lose fiefdoms. just they do what they do without focus on War

Playing clash Royale , PUBG , asphalt 9 , Altos odessey…in clah Royale if at least 8 members did one collection data you have to be in the war zone…leader can not decide to join or not…it’s automatic. Same goes here. We can’t not avoid wars which is kinda nice.

Maybe its me who explain badly the suggestion. Let’s me explain it with details the situation a Alliance can met over time and why this suggestion was suggested in the past so many times

Situation Number 1

1.The Alliance is a low alliance let’s say level 5 with just 250,000 gold with 20 members at 5K donation. They enter and do the first ever War and lost and be humiliated vs the others who destroy them easily and be eliminated after just 1 day or 2. Result? the morale be a 0 and many will quit because they will not like this. No gold,no boost,etc…

Situation Number 2

2.The Alliance was full active doing War after War. All worked perfectly suddenly just one War can drain all the alliance gold with champions,shield and boost. After the War the alliance have finish Rank 5. No boost nothing and the gold is at 0. After this war the next war the alliance don’t care to participating. Don’t boost,don’t do anything. on the War map the others be frustrated to be match with a alliance who do nothing. Result? Boring War for the others

Situation Number 3

3.The alliance is full active and have huge alliance gold but 90% of players are inactives or busy at work or on their own life. So they cannot do War or Conquest. Result? again you give boring War Map to the others alliance because of this

and so on… so many situation here

the suggestion is just make War Season or Conquest Mode in a free mode. If the alliance don’t want to participate then just do nothing and don’t enter. That all and the one who want to participate will do the fight and so on…

I play WWE Champions and why people like faction feud or feud invasion? all about freedom. In the last feud my faction don’t have participated because the requirements was 3 stars rosters. So no one wanted to face the new 4 stars rosters. So we don’t have enter and did nothing. Easy like this. We are not forced to do anything. We choose which feud we do and which we don’t. RR2 need this

If you don’t want to fight in wars, then you should just stay out of them, don’t make others miss out on the war just cause you want to miss one

Its not about me. Nevermind I see no one understand :slightly_frowning_face: I guess I will pass my turn on this suggestion

no, no, no. I wasn’t saying it was about you. I just meant you, as in, just a random person. A general “you”

Just I am surprise no one like this idea. this suggestion was so much asked in the past with War Season. Probably everyone who was for it are no longer here. Nevermind people will understand more later after the Conquest mode when everyone will lost tons of gems,tons of gold and more because they are forced to participating in conquest.

I think we should wait to judge the Conquest mode until after it’s been played a few times

We will see more next week

I just read all the conquest guide on Official announcement and i think i have a solution for your problem. If an alliance don’t want to participate in the conquest is very easy to avoid it, they just have to have less than 15 member, the leader can talk with the members who dont want to participate and fire them until the event starts, then can invite the members back and you can continue saving the gold and gems to the next event

In war seasons the alliance need to have 3 members to participate so if the alliance is small they can do the same to avoid the war. 

Obviously we are talking in the case of a low level alliance with few members. And in the case that all the members agree in avoid the event.

PD: ah, and if in your alliance are some rebel members that want to play in the event you can send them to my alliance, and we ll  receive them with open arms!! :grinning:  

I hope my answer can help you ?

Exactly. I have forgot alliance can do that to avoid to enter a War or Conquest. for War its a way for Conquest you need 20 members to enter it. So all alliance below don’t enter. I don’t know I find 20 low. Maybe the requirements should have be more 30 or 40. its a conquest you need a large number of members to participating and also members with good base and all. Time to up the alliance gold. 

My alliance Gods of Dragon we are 31/37 I will see what look like the Conquest with low members.

Who is eligible to take part in Conquest Events?

The Conquest Event is unlocked for Alliances with at least 15 active members. There is no player or Throne Room level restriction.


_ Nope, the Conquest FAQ says 15 active members _

No you must read the topic about 4.0 here somewhere. the requirement is 20 not 15 or they have change the number but last time we have talk about this that was 20

they must change it, now it says  15 ? but as i’m the new one here, i ll copy the link in case you dont believe me ? 


Maybe with all complain they have drop it to 15. I doubt its a good move. Will see after Conquest on the forum if some complain about it

I just hope that the matching won’t be just based on the last three conquest score like the conquest FAQ says cuz in this conquest all alliances have the same score. In that case it could be a hard/boring event as you explain before. but we will see that soon. Good Luck guys!!! ?

I think it’s a good idea.