Alliance Feature: Elite Boosts

Note: This thread is unofficial. Feel free to correct and/or add to the information given here.


Elite Boosts 101

  • Unlock Elite Boosts by making or joining an Alliance
  • Adds extra damage , HP , and bonus effects to your units and buildings
  • Expires when the countdown timer ends, but can be extended/reactivated

Basic Mechanics

  • Alliance Level upgrades unlocks a new Elite Boost (or one Elite Boost’s max level)
  • Affected units automatically gains the Boost’s bonuses. Boosted units/buildings can be identified as they emit purplish aura. Note that the Units have the boost whether they are defending the Castle Gate or attacking another kingdom.
  • Timers can be extended by using Alliance Gold (see Extending Timers section)
  • You can either Upgrade or Prolong your Alliance’s Elite Boosts

Extending Timers

  • Alliance Treasury must have enough Alliance Gold (Alliance Gold is DIFFERENT from the gold in your kingdom’s own Treasury. You can see your Alliance’s current Treasury amount via Alliances Tab > Treasury > Gold amount at the upper-right corner. In short, it is also the Gold used in leveling up the Alliance)
  • Easily increase the Alliance’s Gold by donating to the Alliance using real money
  • Only the Leader can extend the timer’s duration. (Thanks to Fii Nami for the confirmation)


  • Boost Timers reset when the Alliance levels up. (Nope. Thanks to Sn1kt for the confirmation)

What it means to the Alliance

  • Motivation -  Encourages members to Donate to the Alliance and upgrade their Alliance Towers
  • _ Priorities - _ Choose between using Alliance Gold for extending an Elite Boost’s duration or increasing the Alliance Level

Available Elite Boosts as of 12/16/2014

(The availability and level of these Elite Boosts depends on your Alliance Level)

  • Blazing Knight
  • Poison Arrow Tower
  • Power Archer
  • Tough Barricade
  • Holy Paladin
  • Frost Trap
  • Stunning Ogre
  • Range Bomber
  • Storm Cannon
  • Raging Wolf

Recent Player Updates

  • Reaching Alliance Level 35 unlocks Raging Wolf level 2 (Sn1kt)
  • 12/19 Server Update lowered the cost of boosts and increased their power

Only leader can extend the boost using alliance’s gold

Are you sure that only a leader can extend the boost ? I’m not the leader but I can see the option to pay gold either for extending the boosting time or upgrading the level or a bossted unit/tower. However, I haven’t tried that yet, I’m saving my gold for upgrades so I’m not yet sure if it works.


EDIT: My bad, it requires real money.

can any one tell me after the time expires then again how will the boss will get activated?

^either your alliance use alliance gold to prolong the boost… or (unconfirmed as of posting) your alliance levels up

so that means to prolong the timer there are two option


  1. if u are not leader, u pay real money to prolong

  2. if u are leader, u can use money in alliance to pay for timer


am i correct?

yes , thats how it work

Does anybody know the buffs for all these elite boosts? Meaning, what % added damage of what, and what % more health?

^ I think it’s on the description box of the Boosts (the added bonus effect and HP % should be there) but the Boosts are disabled at the moment so yeah… also, the bonuses are different per Elite Boost level.

I was asking because I am on Windows PC, and for us the elite boosts were never enabled…

I’m on Windows PC too. It was enabled for a few hours before they decided to turn it off after the short server maintenance. I got a peek of how things work, that’s why there’s this thread here.


P.S. You’ll see the bonuses when they go online again.

Not me… the update hasn’t come out where I live… :slightly_frowning_face:



Elite Boosts are back!

MisterE, do you have yours yet? Because if you don’t, here is how I got my version:


Open the playstore, swipe from left or use windows+C, click on settings, and then on app updates. There will be a check for updates button and that allowed me to download the update to RR2 even though I couldn’t see it in the store. :slight_smile:


Also, as an Alliance leader I would like to know what happens to the elite boosts if their timer runs out. Can you extend the timer or activate it only while the timer is still going? Or once they are unlocked can they always be activated and reactivated by alliance gold?

anyone else got the feeling that with the boost feature the game is now not only p2w but pay2defend? ^^ being in the upper ranks without a big alliance and/or the boosts became pretty futile :slightly_frowning_face:




  • Reactivating Blazing Knight extends duration of the boost for 2 hours. (Non-upgraded Blazing Knight)

  • Not sure for other Blazing Knight levels, I think upgrading them extends this base duration. I think I’ll put this up later

  • Also not sure on the other Boosts. You can leave your observations here so we can post it.

  • On a personal side note… "Gahhh!!! That was 44,000Gold!!! And only 2 hours!!! :angry:

If we upgrade our archers to lvl 4 in the elite boost does it say lvl 4 after we use elite boost again?


they reset most likely

SK: United Realms leveled up this morning to Level 34 (39 player slots).


The good news: this Level unlocks Raging Wolf 2!   


The not-so-good news: contrary to what some speculated, Alliance leveling does not activate/prolong any boosts.