Alliance Generals Chat

Hello folks. I would like to bring in attention a “idea” which could be taken in consideration for next udaptes.

As we know in game we chat to each other… all kind of discussions, helpful or not to the team. But also we know that many players are using private chats on different apps (fb, what’s up, LINE, etc…) Here I emphasize the leadership team of any alliance. Sometimes the leaders are forced to take a hard decision which could affect the others, so anytime can appear a subject who can’t be discussed in the alliance chat. Also there are generals who are not willing to share their identity or who won’t like to do a extra effort like that. So I think that not only me could be happy of adding a extra leadership chat in game… private chat for generals… which will help the leaders of any alliance to get better decisions for the future of their alliance. 

I think it really could work. thanks.

This has been suggested so many times you could write a history book about it. Nobody really gets why they don’t add it, but their interaction systems are pretty shitty overall. 

You could use Kik messenger for an outside app, it’s free and requires nothing but an email, which others can’t see. Totally anonymous.