Alliance gold bonus on matchmaker

Now that the gold value is green on the matchmaker, it’s taking into account item gold perks (pro-bonus included).

What I also noticed is that, although this is good to have a better idea of the final gold value… We could probably improve it even further.

I think that if we’re shifting into presenting the 100% real final value, then we should introduce another factor into the math:

  • The alliance gold bonus

This bonus is also really important into the final value, given that sometimes it now may say I’ll win 1Million gold…

Although at the end, the value may be in reality close to 1.5 Milion.

I’m suggesting this from a level 80 alliance perspective, where the extra gold bonus is really significative, meaning greater than 50%:


But I think it would benifit any other alliances as well.

Hope you consider it, cheers! 

PS: This suggestion was created after this forum post discussion.

I think the reason alliance gold isn’t factored into the initial math before the battle is because, the pre-battle shows the max gold you can get from the battle. The alliance gold bonus is a percentage of the gold you get from that battle. It’s impossible for the matchmaker to know what percentage you will get, so it can’t calculate the gold + alliance gold bonus. For example, if you get 100% on a base that the matchmaker said will get you 100k gold (just to make the numbers easy to follow), and you have an alliance gold bonus of 50%, like in your post, you’ll get 150k gold total from that battle! However, if you get 99% you will get 148.5k, because you will have received 99k from the victory and THEN 50% of that total. The gold bonus is factored to the amount of gold you got after the battle!

The gold shown on the matchmaker has always been the maximum amount you’re able to get.

So if in your case you get 99% instead of 100%, it will still be a really close value.

I just think the values should be close to what you win in reality, given that now they take items gold bonus into consideration.

Your example is not the reason behind it @AwesomestKnightest, because nowadays the gold value, is  always  relative  to a victory of 100%.

In my opinion it was just because either Flare didn’t remember it, or didn’t have enough time to implement it :grinning: