Alliance Gold Rewards: The Big Joke

Was I the only one thinking those 40 million gold would be received by every member in the alliance, like EVERYTHING ELSE on the reward bar? 

I was happy about the Alliance Gold reward because I thought it would be 40.000.000 x our 63 members.
A 2.520.000.000 reward could help us with leveling up the alliance, prolonging a few boosts for some time and upgrading some of the super expensive Stronghold buildings:


But 40.000.000???
1 single Conquest boost costs 7.000.000 daily!!! That’s 70 million gold if we want to prolong 1 boost alone.
The total gold reward for playing the Conquest is not even enough to keep one of its boosts!

Also, I wish I was noting down the expenses for the Conquest to see in the end how much it was in total. Because I was not the one in charge of the Research Tree but at some point I saw two Technologies costing ~4 and ~5 million alliance gold! (???)

Almost 10 million gold for only 2 Technologies, seriously?! 25% of the total 40 million alliance gold reward of the Conquest!!!
Also, we had to spend over 4 millions on towers just to reach the 150 points required to receive the gold reward.

Alliance gold rewards are something a lot of players have been asking so much for so long, and now, that we finally have some, it feels like a bad joke (just like how everyone was asking for gems and then we got a building that gives free gems, but only ONE gem per day).

Is it really a reward? or is it just covering the expenses during the Conquest? Or not even that??? 

Agreed the amount paid didn’t even make 1 day of normal donations.  Nor did it even make a dent in what we spent on the conquest.  Not thrilled.

And heck they didn’t even give us the correct tier either so we are having to submit tickets to get the correct rewards…

Nobody can hold 30 million in the gold storage…so it was clear that it was alliancies money…for me at least.

But i agree that a max of 30 mill is nothing compared to what we spend in a conquest.

Skip the alliancies gold and give players better and/ore more chests.

I guess you missunderstood something.

Yes, I know the limit of the Treasure Chamber ?. Of course it was clear it was alliance gold, it even said that when we clicked on the description for it on the reward bar.

I didn’t think the gold reward would be given to each player, but per each player, like all other rewards for Conquest.

And no, don’t skip the alliance gold reward! They add tons of new things that require alliance gold, so that reward is much needed!

Did you really think you would get 2 500 000 000? I have no idea thought like you?

I was already waiting for just those 40kk since they only give us alms in this Conquest.

We will never receive good rewards on that thing.

please flare.gif

Sometime I don’t know what people expect from Flare? they give you

250,000,000,000 Gold and allow you to level up 20 level at time in one Conquest or max your alliance at 80 and allow you to prolonge boost for 5 years?

They give you 999,999 gems in chest to allow you to improve all in one shot?

Pro chest give you 100 Pro items and 2 Millions crystal? to buy all sets without do Pro league

if its really what people expect. Oh ok…never happen. People ask too much its crazy. If you don’t like the rewards don’t participate in Conquest. Simple and easy

I mean, it only feels like a huge reward, but when you’re not on a Top alliance with everything already maxed, it is not even really that impressive.

Upgrading only 1 single current level for each Stronghold building would already spend of that gold on my current alliance.

Plus, all the other stuff on the reward bar is received by each player.

And when the alternative, 40.000.000, can barely pay for the cost of the Conquest itself, it was not hard to be a little extra positive and believe on the first option.

I think they expect something fair, at least. What’s so hard to understand about that?

I see no one else but you commenting about Gold, 999.999 gems or 100 Pro items and 2 Millions crystal here 
There is a lot of difference between that and requesting something better than a mediocre 40.000.000 gold reward, getting 1 gem per day, and receiving rewards of only 4 crystals inside a Pro Chest, which is what I see forum members are commenting about.

When they finally announce alliance gold rewards being added to the game it’s just a very low and unsatisfactory value, and then they even harshly raise the prices for the event, to a point that the reward can barely pay for the cost of the Conquest itself.

Are you honestly gonna say you are satisfied with that???

I never expected that value to be won by each player.

Alliance gold is a collective thing after all.

I do agree with you @Darkerion though, that they should increase that reward in the top tiers.

Yes I don’t demand more. Its just a game. The price is have fun nothing else. its just virtual rewards in a game. No need to make a drama about this. Accept it or not. if you not accpet it its up to you sorry. Really what you want more Flare give you a house of 10 millions in real life? I don’t know 100 millions dollars cash?

its just a game wake up a little. You life its not in danger

Now you are just being contradictory.

If you don’t mind that because it’s just a game and virtual rewards, WHY DO YOU COMPLAIN ON FORUMS AT ALL?
Why when you are the unsatisfied one you come and post here, but when you are satisfied and see other members with a different opinion they need to “wake up a little because it’s just a game and their lives are not in danger”? 

And stop being dramatic and exaggerating everything!! 
Mentioning the joke of 1 gem per day is not demanding 999.999 gems.
Asking for better rewards after an event is not asking for 10 millions houses or millions of dollars in real life.
Appointing issues and requesting improvements in the game is not making drama.
You are the one making drama here. A lot of drama BTW.

Find a place I complain about the rewards? I have make a topic to say thank you to Flare and tell them I was happy. So i don’t see where you see I complain about this. Non sense

1.Chest are random. You can be lucky or not to find good reward or not. ( you must accept to get bad rewards sometime)

2.Reward like every other game are accumulable. So if you stack 4,000 pearls after 5 Conquest. Its 20k not bad. 3000 crystal x 5 Conquest its 15,000 without do Pro league.

and so on…

maybe you should play other video game. Maybe you will learn a little more about Rewards and how to stack them. A mode like this its not for short rewards its for longer rewards. More you do Conquest and more you stack rewards and more you will spend them later. Video game work like this. So…

you gain better rewards over time. Not short time. If you expect huge reward based on short period. Video game is not for you sorry. its not like this that work.

You participate in Conquest. Gain points and up in tier. More you do Conquest and more you up. More you up and more are better the rewards

that work like this in Olympus Rising,That work like this in WWE Champions and work like this in every game who have a War based on tier scores

the problem here its the majority don’t understand the system of rewards and the tier scores. its not something you enjoy when you are in low in tier. Rewards its something you work hard and take time to get them over time with your alliance. You will understand more when you will reach 250+ tier. Rewards there should be awesome. You will enjoy it when you will be there

the only point I can agree with everyone here its Flare must add more tier. If people want more rewards then Flare must add 300 tier and 400 and more. You want to face really hard alliance and want to gain huge rewards? Fine reach tier 300,400 and 500 to become Legend. Its what Flare must do

People complain about rewards they are horrible just because Flare don’t have create enough tier. Just 4 tier is not enough. With a concept like this you need more tier,more sections

by example when you reach 250 after you go in Experienced League. Reach 300,400,500 at 500 you cna reach Expert League you reach 600,700,800 at 800 you go in Legend League for 900,1000,etc…

at Legend just to give you a idea. Will give you 10 chest of each. Its enough? With voucher chest,Uber Chest,etc…

You want to gain 10000 pearls? you want to earn 5 or 6 Pro Items? you want to get 1000 gems? Reach the Legend League and you will get what you ask for

Sadly its not me who can create this. Its up to Flare to do it or not

I agree in a way the concept of rewards its not totally well made in first place

you need 4 tier and a section. 4 tier a new section. 4 tier a new section and so on…

Flare must rewards player for the hard work. So over time alliance will up in tier and section and will get more rewards

PS : Next time I am in a faction invasion in WWE Champions I will take screenshot to show you how really a good well make tier and sections its made and how over time that paid to up and yes at the bottom its disgusting the reward and its normal


It literally didn’t even take me 2 minutes, lol
This one from TODAY with you saying the rewards are horrible for all the effort is enough? 

Again being over dramatic, exaggerating everything, and being off-topic.

  1. The topic is about the alliance gold reward, not chests. Stop losing focus and mentioning chests, pro items, crystals, and non sense off-topic things.

  2. Pal Flute alone usually takes 1.200 pearls for each forging. That’s already 30% of the total pearls from a event occuring every TWENTY days gone to only 1 forge on only 1 item!
    5 Conquests on current schedule = over 3 months. Are you suggesting to stop forging for 3 months so I can accumulate pearls and see a decent result?
    I don’t know what kind of miracle are you doing with your pearls, because there’s no way to accumulate them like that, unless you just stop using them. And WOW what a great solution that is.


Sorry I don’t know what you expect. Flare give to everyone 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 gold and max all at 80 after one Conquest. So everyone next time will be all at level 80. No more alliance below this level. All equal. Come back on earth. 40 Millions is fair and awesome. No need more

What you suggest don’t make any sense. You suggest low and medium alliance gain like 2.5 Billions if no more to level them up. So you suggest level 10-30 can up at 40-60 after one Conquest. C’mon its a joke. You are not serious.

PS : lol the complain you mention. I talking about rewards systems not rewards in chest. LOL learn to make difference

Now you are just being repetitive.

Already said what I expect: fair alliance gold rewards!
Not 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 gold, Mr Exaggeratornator. Not even those 2.500.000.000 I mentioned. It’s just that, between that high value and a value so low that can barely afford the Conquest itself, I chose to be positive about it and believe on the generous option, they did said the rewards would be improved after all. I don’t expect a value that high, but certainly not this low.

AGAIN, 2 technologies can cost almost 10 millions. Just to reach the gold reward on the bar we need to spend over 4 million, JUST to reach the total gold reward, no tent boost, no winning Conquest. That’s almost half the total reward already gone.
Many more technologies were researched, many more towers were built.
“”“40 Millions is fair and awesome”"" YEAH, RIGHT!

Where did I mention that you are complaining about rewards in chests? Learn to read and interpret text correctly. Here a quick resume for you:
you: “its just virtual rewards in a game. no need to complain about it”
me: “you complain about those virtual rewards too”
you: “no, I don’t. prove it”
me: “ok” ~print posted~
you: “but on that print I’m not talking about rewards in chests”

HELLO??? Can you be more random? lol


I didn’t keep track of how much we spent in conquest, but it was more than 40kk (towers, research, boosts)

I think it was the same for most alliances who won conquest

so, the alliance gold reward need to be better than this

OMG. I don’t know how I can explain more. Wake up 2 seconds.My god. The rewards you obtain are the same for everyone. They are not specific to any level.Wake up!!! what you demand don’t have sense at all. 2.5 billions

I don’t care you are in a Alliance level 70 or 80 or whatever and that cost you 1 billions or whatever in Conquest. This will destroy the balance in the game and kill it what you demand

Same 40 Millions its too much actually. When a Alliance level 20 enter a Conquest and win the 40 millions what happen? I guess they use the gold to level up for at least 2 level each time if no more

What will happen if Flare decide to give 100 Millions or 200 Millions in rewards? C’mon I think everyone here understand this point. You are the only one not able to understand. What will happen if someone can gain 100 millions or more in Conquest? Alliance between 20-40 will gain 5,10 or 15 level in just one shot.

40 millions its too much. Flare should drop it at 10 or 20 Millions not more

the goal its not allow everyone to level up at 80 in just 3 or 4 Conquest. The goal of this extra gold its just to help low and medium alliance to develop. This reward in a way don’t concern high and top alliance. This suggestion was make by Diddy7 and the main goal was only to help low and medium alliance below level 40 in War or in Conquest.

So if you are in Top alliance or in Top 300. This rewards don’t concern you

Anyway I don’t have fear. I know Flare will not listen this and ignore this. I don’t think they listen a non sense idea like this who will destroy the entire game

Probably you have miss it and that why you still don’t understand why the Alliance Gold is only 40 Millions :

same if after this you still don’t understand. I cannot do much to explain more

You have serious problems with reading and interpreting things. Who and when, in this entire topic, demanded for 2.5 billions? Please quote!

Wow, such a complicated situation, too bad that couldn’t be easily solved by making tiers give a X amount of gold reward per each player in the alliance! Like I initially thought the idea of the gold reward was.
Then, that alliance level 20 (that miraculously not only survived on 200 tier but also captured 150+ tiles) would receive that tier’s gold reward multiplied by their 25 players. While the alliances that actually belong to that tier would get that gold rewards x60+ players.

The rewards for tiers should not be at a amount that it’s: good to high lvl alliances but extremely excessive to mid-low lvl alliances.
But also, not on a point that it is: good to low-mid lvl alliances but almost insignificant to high lvl alliances.

Alliances on different levels have different demands, I don’t see why they should receive same gold rewards.

And now I believe you are just creating information.
Where did you see anyone else but you saying that extra gold is just to help low and medium alliance and does not concern high level/rank alliances?
Because if that’s an official info, I certainly missed it.

Alliance gold rewards are for every alliance that participates on Conquest, regardless of their level and rank position
And that’s why they are being given to every alliance that participates on Conquest, regardless of their level and rank position!

High level alliances spend way more gold than the others, I fail to see why they should not be included in this.

And BTW, the suggestion for alliance gold as rewards have been given many and many times before, on many different ways. Even before you even joined the forums with your account!
The only difference is we now have a way better CM, that actually listen to requests and suggestions.
This one from 2015 for you: 

Let’ Go return in Secondary 1

Here you quote in your main post : I was happy about the Alliance Gold reward because I thought it would be 40.000.000 x our 63 members.
A 2.520.000.000 reward could help us with leveling up the alliance,

1 = One

10 = Ten

100 = One hundred

1,000 = One Thousand

10,000 = Ten Thousand

100,000 = One Hundred Thousand

1,000,000 = 1 Millions

10,000,000 = Ten Millions

100,000,000 = One Hundred Millions

1,000,000,000 = 1 Billions

Don’t write number if you don’t know them. Simple like that :grinning: