Alliance hall

Please can someone write down somekind of a table that shows how many gems are needed for every lvl of Alliance Hall ??

Hey plkgiorgos,

Here’s the info, but I’m not sure if it’s complete:


This was the pre-update data, and 3 levels were added. I also think the upgrade cost of gems was lowered for those last few levels, and possibly the time completion.

Γεια σου συνονόματε… the new levels are like so:

Level 11 - 300k
Level 12 - 350k
Level 13 - 400k

I think the last upgrade took 2k gems for sure not more. But I have the impression that previous upgrades were also at that amount of gems. It took also of course more than 5-6 days. And the celestial boost of donation, does not count!

level 10 - 250k its 1,250 gems

level 11 - 300k its 1,500 gems

level 12 - 350k its 1,750 gems

level 13 - 400k its 2,000 gems

the price for all hall of uranus has been reduced a lots.

PS : if you need information I have them all. Power,units,building,celestial boost,Ascension,etc. Just ask me

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