Alliance help

Level 56 would like to join before the next war,and be in an active alliance. Username hoi562


Level is not enough information. Any good alliance will want to know your Alliance Tower level too.

We have a 2nd team that has Knights,barricade, wolf and bomb towers boosted 24/7 , but your Alliance Tower needs to be close to 100k or up.

THE MM FAMILY all cap if you are close to requirements and interested.


I’m fairly new to this, my tower is a level 7…

Alliance level 10

75k is not bad you should be able to easily find a good alliance. Hopefully one with at least Knights boosted.I would be surprised if you don’t see plenty of offers within the next few hours.

I got a few question to ask you so I add u as friend in game 

my ingame name:

i also own 2 ally both lvl55 plus :slight_smile:

{RW} Raging Warhearts have space for all or join william22

Darren77 so have Sam make u leader yet ??? :slight_smile:

who are you and how you know that ?

Fire friend/ leader of rising warriors/burninator :slight_smile:

your not the leader of {RW}


either burninator

I not gen rank or not in the ally don’t mean I not leader :slight_smile:  ask Sam who fire it he tell you :slight_smile:

i don’t have time for that

you can just us Allegiant ? helpful ally to grow and you will get permanent kinghts boost.

we have 24/7 blazing knights , tough barricade and storm cannon