Alliance improvements

  • Bring back the option to see if alliance members have turned their invites off. Its really important to know for leaders and generals.

  • 6000 gems for max. level alliance tower and it only adds 250k gold donation? Thats really out of proportion. Calculated back when you buy the 20.000 gem package (€100, wich is really expensive), its €30 for that upgrade. Totally insane!

  • €40 to upgrade alliance level, are you serious? For just +1 new member? I can buy a ps4 game for that money.

  • Constantly changing war season, first max attack was 10, then 12, then 5. 2% bonus, 5%, 10%, changing food costs --> omg stop this! Make a clear war season so we know what we are up to.

  • When you have alliance members as friend, at every war you will get the message that the member has won the war season, by 40 times (when you have 40 members). Hello, we already know we won, dont have my message box to explode with unusefull information.

  • Improve chat, cant even use paste or copy in chat box. Should be nice when we can posts links with information to our members. And dont want to typ the text all over again, when I make a mistake in the fiest sentence.

  1. Mhh yeah;

  2. well everything work like this, also upgrades that cost gold, you get a little improvement by paying a lot of gold every level. Just see the firestorm spell from lvl 11 to lvl 14 you have very few improvement but you spend lot of gold and then immediately Boom of damage for the last level, just to say…

So same thing is also for others upgrade, until now it’s gone like this, but i agree that it’s not worth the trouble. Best thing, besides reducing a bit the price, could be wait for alliance party for a further discount;

  1. i’d buy a game for computer costs less =P;

  2. We have all these changes in war seasons because they were too much monotonus, and in my opinion the fact that every war now has different conditions is more interesting to do, for better (win more magic chests, xp boost, etc) and for worse (food increased or champions/shield increased);

  3. I agree to remove the automatic message for the alliance members we have on friend list;

  4. Could be interesting this too ^^

  1. totally agree with oPelle!