Alliance In Game Mail

I am SinisterEggplant on these Flaregame Forums (say five times fast)

and in the Game I am Sinister Eggplant.

As most forums have moderators, I would like to say something about in game Alliance Mail.

I am new to the game, and would not entirely be apposed to joining an Alliance, However…

In Game Mail only lets you know that an Alliance would like to recruit you.

How can a player determine whether that Alliance is right for them?

Royal Revolt 2 invites do not tell you what language the Alliance speaks,

what time zone most members are on, it does not tell a player how committed the Alliance want you to be,

or is it just a casual fun Alliance… These things are very important.

Being a new player to Royal Revolt 2, there is no way I am just going to join an Alliance, 

just because I get an anonymous; “hey we want you to join our Alliance.”

Being new, ‘if’ there is some method of finding out about Alliances,

I would like to know. ty

Hey there, 

Welcome to RR2. 

You are so curious about alliances. Okay let’s get into it. First of all it’s not a solo polo game at all. RR2 is all about team play. It has allinace wars , ninja , pro - leagues and many more to offer.

It will provide you elite boosts which are much needed after some days of playing.

U will get to play war. A total different playing experience where you will hunt for skull not just for trophies or gold.

Ninja! Oh yeah those are very interesting. Yeah u will get them in defence if and only iff you are in an alliance.

Higher and more experienced members will give you right advice what to do and how to do and what not to.

To your doubts:

 if your invitation option is ticked then u can expect invitations on your mail.

Yeah the game tells us which language do the players of the allinace speak. U just headover to any allinace through your invitation or allinace list. Tap on the ‘i’ button and you can see one or two flags right next to the name of the allinace and those obviously are the symbolic representstion of a country and their languages.

By that country flags u can get the idea about the time zone of most of the players.

If a leader or a general sends a invitation to you and sends a friend request to you and ready to talk for recruitment, I think that is enough to ensure their commitment towards their allinace.

alliance is fun and full of humour if it has at least few awesome players who chit chat alot and wanna socialize with ally buddies.

Here is my experience till now in game and allinaces

Ok I started the game. I opened my own allinace named ‘smiling Kingdom’ . I was happy as I was the leader. But I didn’t know shit at that time. I didn’t know what is war. I didn’t know what is ninja. I knew nothing. Finally I gave up and joined a low allinace. There was a girl who was only 13 years old and she was the leader. I am being a noob tried to know all the things…about game…she was the one taught me how to set def… different startegies in war and many more. Day by day we grew and more members came in. I love chatting with them and they too. Now we are a strong team and yeah I am the leader again. She left game and gave leadership to me which was a sign of trust and faith I have earned through out the time. Still she asks about our team and players but she can’t play as she doesn’t have time. But I will say it is worth joining an allinace. Yeah it’s you who is imp…Not just expect anyone for team spirit and commitment towards ally…u have to show it and definitely others will do too.


All these things can only be understood by being in an allinace. Just go where you want stay…give everything and if u feel like they doesn’t deserve you then you know better what to do next ??


Here is a link which might help you lil more in understanding the allinace