Alliance invitations

So myself (alliance leader), my officers and several members have been getting invites from other alliances. 

Curious, is it appropriate or inappropriate to do so? (Not-judging either response as good or bad just want to see the general opinion)

Didn’t vote as I don’t really think ethics are a part of this but I will give my opinion

i was general of omnipotent, I invited other people already in alliances to join ours. It is extremely difficult (next to impossible) to find active/competitive players who are not already a part of an alliance. That being said I’ve also lost a lot of members to other higher ranked alliances as well.

in the end it is your members decision to decide to leave or stay. An alliance that creates an open and fun atmosphere will most likely keep members even if they are invited to other alliances. Of course there are players as well that will leave no matter what to be in a top alliance.


With the state of the game I would say it is ok. In some alliances people are staying in simply because of the bonus as hardly any are playing. Since there is no chat or mail system, inviting people is the only way.