alliance issue hasn´t been fixed

we rejected this player yesterday, but after maintenance he was in my alli, you said you had solved problem but now he is still here and we can´t reject him. Many members donated but ít display thay they don´t donate

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C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_14212702_525403597655289_7379293860005833205_n.jpg

Strange that nobody else notice that. It is not only display!

donations was lost after alliances rollback (chat, prolong boosts, alliance gold etc - all other got to previous point)

we lost near 20M donations. Users payed it, but alliance rollback eat it. (though for any donated user cooldown time goes, and display “not donated”)


The might not be marked as having donated anymore, but the gold has been directly credited back to the treasury of the Alliance.

Hello, alysea we have the same problem, we reject this player the 9 september but he is still in our ally, we lost two day of donations… Can you help us?

Seems like it is fixed now :slight_smile: