Alliance junkyard - new feature idea

A lot of unwanted items are wasted and there are many players that havn’t got time to loot for a items. What do you think if there would be some kind of alliance junkyard (let say with numer of slots = 2 x max alliance members). Players could only place unwanted items there and use them only to load Blackmith’s slots.
Especially when meltdown speed was reduced some time ago such improvment will not shake balance of pearl production.
What say you?

:)) i think we should have an ability to buy pearls

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I would vote for it also :slight_smile: But this thread is about some kind of new idea :upside_down_face:

So an alliance member can use the unwanted items to gain more pearls? No thanks, it’ll just give more exploit to multi account users than it already has.

A mutli account user is just going to get all his secondary accounts to put forth all the so called “unwanted” pro items gained from pro leagues into the slots then.


You r right about it. But would it be worse exploit then current ninja event ‘sign up’ system? I think that unwanted pro items would be only a small fraction of the whole thing.
It might be an idea to allow to use ‘junkyard’ after you r an alliance member for at least one week.

What you are suggesting is indeed worse because it’ll impact the game way more than just placing someone at the 5300 tier.

Also, it’s a really flawed logic to say that “hey there’s an exploit somewhere else, so why not add one more feature to the game which will clearly be exploited too?”

In any event, I have already suggested to Flare AND opened a thread about my proposed solution to the ninja exploit anyway, i.e. to only allow matchmaking raids to affect trophies. The thread is somewhere in the forum.

I don’t thin it would be an exploit. It woud only allow to share some ‘junk’ a bit between alliance members. It would not ‘shake the ground’ if there would be a week cooltown. I don’t think that someone would like to keep some ghost account for a week just to get a few pearls. And even if with such low meltdown speed things you can melt is just a very little bonus.