Alliance leaders

If you own an alliance and you are away it removes your position as leader and gives it to a random member but you should be able to put an option to have a co captain while your away for a long time and you get your leadership back as soon as you get back on royal revolt 2 

It’s not so random, if you have some generals and you (leader) leave the alliance, the rank of leader goes to the general who accumulated more activity during that time of general. Same thing should work  as normal soldier (if you don’t have general of course), the rank of leader should go to the player that has been in the alliance the most of time.

@Alysea confirm?

Yes,transfer of leadership to the nearest member of joining(the oldest member)

Leadership may be transferred to the member who has donated the most to the alliance. Probably.

As long as it’s a planned vacation, you can promote a player of your choice to be the leader,
before you leave or go inactive. Choose wisely, you should trust that member, if you want to
get back the leadership later :grinning:

There isn’t really a need to change the algorithm for automatic promotion, as those cases,
where you leave unplanned with no opportunity to login once before you become inactive,
are rare?!