Alliance leadership issues that need urgent fixing

Greetings everyone!
I was a leader of an alliance (which I will not name here for security reasons) for nearly 2 years. The creator and original leader of this alliance, as well as myself, have put A LOT of time and effort into building this alliance up and strengthening it.
Due to both of us (as well as the most of our members) being busy lately, we hadn’t logged in as often as before.
Long story short, neither of us had logged in for a week, and, lo and nehold, we were ALL kicked out of the alliance we spent YEARS and money building up just to be overtaken by a level 20 player who had invested absolutely ZERO into our alliance (EDIT: he was not our member before, but came in while all members were inactive and was automatically given leadership)! The jerk also locked the alliance so that none of us can come back in and he’s not letting any of us back in nor accepting friend requests.
Basically, the rules of the game allow one lowlife who has done ZERO investment to hijack an alliance whose members have built parts and even YEARS of their lives into just because they hadn’t logged in for a measly period of just SEVEN DAYS! This would be equal to allowing any thug off the street to take possession of a family’s house just because they left it for a week!
This rule is stupid, ridiculous, unjust and it makes no sense whatsoever!
I asked the support staff about getting my alliance back but they say the system doesn’t allow them editing alliance ranks and such, which means I have no way of solving this problem. If the makers of this game have made it so easy to get our alliance hijacked, they should have left a door open for the support staff to fix the problem.
This rule should be changed in such a way that it is very hard, if not impossible, to hijack an alliance like this. Longer period of time before transfer, returning of leadership automatically if it was taken away automatically due to inactivity, and similar measures should be taken to ensure proper leadership and ownership of an alliance.
Do you developers see a problem with the current leadership transfer system? Because you should.

P.S.: My apologies, I hadn’t mentioned in my OP that the guy who assumed leadership was not a member before and became leader by merely entering our alliance while none of us were active)! It’s edited now.


Friend you must understand that online games are to be very active. Didn’t everyone connect in 7 days? It seems strange to me that all members are not active in 7 days. The rules of the developers have been well applied. With this penalty of loss of alliance, they will surely learn that in order to carry out an alliance both the leader and the remaining members must be active. What kind of alliance do you have that do not connect in 7 days? Surely the one who has kidnapped the alliance, is more active than you and therefore does not admit you, because they are not worthy of being in an alliance. Greetings friend and I hope you understand. Nobody wants in their warrior alliances that do not connect even the minimum of 3 days. A greeting.

Really sorry for you, while I can’t offer anything else but an alliance invite for you and your friends, I agree that there’s a problem.

Right now there’s only two possibilities for that problem (for anyone else not having considered that yet):

  • If you know in advance you’re going to be offline for longer promote someone you trust for leader
  • Promote only those to general you trust to be a good (temporary) leader, and of course keep enough of those generals.

The most simple solution would be to allow alliance leaders to be inactive for a longer time, or be unkickable for a while and the leadership transfer back automatically if it was transferred that way.

And to those (plenty) who will say a leader/general is supposed to log in daily: the realities of life are different. Devices die, places may be without wi-fi and sometimes you just are so busy you cannot even start the computer and log in.

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It is not unusual during (summer) vacations and such that many members are less active. We had many members leave as well, due to the 2 main guys being so busy with other things. However, leaving for a few days does not equal abandoning.

The problem here is that the guy was not even a member before. Yes, our fault for leaving the alliance open, but the guy who wasn’t even a member/soldier while we were active just came in and got promoted straight to a leader! That is absolutely messed up rule and I can’t see who with a brain would allow such a rule.

Hi there,
Sorry to hear. :grimacing:
If the Leader is inactive for 7 days, the leadership goes to the General, who was in the Alliance the longest as a General.
If you want to reclaim your Alliance, please contact our customer support, who will be happily looking into this for you.
(in English)

Thank you!


Although one goes on vacation, today there are even in restaurants and bars, wifi. It would only have been enough to connect the game from the mobile or even from a cyber, enter and exit, without needing to play. A small connection of 1 second and exit. 7 Days, it really is a lot without connecting and I see that cap well. To want is power.

While your point should stand true, I would be sorry to say, it doesn’t… Everyone needs a break… Come on, no body goes on a vacation to log in the game, with the game in their mind all the time… yes, it’s just a matter of seconds to log in and log off, but think for yourself, that’s ridiculous… It’s a topic not to be debated about…

He wanted a break, so who are we to say that he doesn’t deserve it? Who are we to force him to log in the game and play only for few seconds in order to remain active?.. Didn’t the staffs of RR2 go for vacation? Haven’t you ever gone for the vacation? I don’t want to start a fight, but we can’t say what others can do or can’t do…

As for @EdinFific’s problem… If you have really invested such a huge lot on your alliance, you should have made some generals… Leader and 2-3 generals alone cannot and should not function an alliance… You should promote your members to sergeant and encourage them to play more and promote them to general by respecting and gaining their trust… I am no one to teach you how to play, but you can’t simply be a crappy leader who wants to keep the whole alliance by self… Make some sergeants and generals whom you trust, who respect your leadership… It’s hard to find good people with right intention… You can’t be sure if you can get your leadership back if you make someone as a temporary leader while you take some days off, but you as a leader must have thought this before that who will function the alliance in your absence… The alliance I am in is full of people from all over the world… None of us know each other personally, nor via any social media… We know only through game and yet we have so much respect for each other…

Good people exist, and you have to see that in people and make them generals, because when leader goes inactive, the algorithm of the game automatically hands over the leadership to general, then to sergeant and then lastly to the most active soldier… Either you gave some promotions to that low level members or you have no trusty sergeants and generals in your team… This surely shows that your alliance is weak in terms of members trust, and all I can say is tho’ it is very disappointing to lose an alliance just because of inactiveness for few days, as a rule, you deserve this…

And, if you have really invested a lot in your alliance, why is there a lvl 20 member? Aren’t there any better members than that?.. If the newly made leader is good at nothing and is a new member to the game, he will surely go inactive within few days, just wait and see…

Last suggestion, Try to send friend requests to other members of the alliance and keep good relationship with them and try to make them convince the leader to take you guys in… Wait for RR2 services to help you and keep a close watch on your alliance… (Also, if the leader turns down your requests, all three of you, misuse the feature of continuous attack each hour and attack the leader and frustrate him)… I know how it’s to lose an alliance to someone unworthy, as I myself have lost my alliance to someone else, no matter how low levelled my alliance was… And to hear that you guys lost your alliance where you had invested so much, makes me feel very sorry and outrageous… Hope you guys get your alliances back, and I request RR2 to help them get their alliances back…

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I summarize you in a brief answer to all the bible you have written. Why did the developers create the 7 day limit? 7 days you become inactive … why do you think it was created?

I have no idea who the OP is, but I hope the CS is able to get his alliance back to him.


There is no issue of trust here at all. I have promoted a few soldiers to sergeants and generals, and all of them earned their positions and were trustworthy and dedicated to the alliance.
The jerk that merely came in when all of our members happened to be inactive was automatically promoted to leadership simply because he was the only active member at the moment AS SOON AS HE CAME IN, even though he had NOT been our alliance member prior to that at all! Seizing the opportunity, he immediately kicked all of our members out and locked the alliance.
I DID NOT PROMOTE ANYONE UNDESERVING AND NONE OF MY GENERALS OR SERGEANTS did not nor would have done this to our alliance.

The issue here was that I had been very busy lately with projects and frequently absent. That lead to many members being less active because I wasn’t there. This has been going on for the last 3 months. I did make an effort to log in at least once or twice a week whenever I could, but this last time I had overshot it by maybe a few hours. So I had been literally gone for no more than 8 days, and a thug was already sitting in my house and running it after kicking me and the whole household out.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but sometimes vacationing means also resting from a video game. Not only that, if I’m driving for a good portion of the day, swimming in a sea nearly all day, taking care of family and business for the rest of the time, there is hardly a chance to play (which I still did). Ironically, however, I was not vacationing when this happened, but quite the opposite; I was working hard lately and I had no energy left at night to even look at the screen, I would just dose of. During the day I had to make the most of it to get one project finished as soon as possible, and there was no time to open the game. The phone was reserved for job-related activities only.
So, as one person has already said it to you here, life is happening with all of its duties and circumstances, and a game is supposed to be a sort of relaxation and excitement, not slavery.

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Hi Madlen! Nice to hear from you.
Unfortunately, the guy who took over was neither a general nor a sergeant. He wasn’t even a member of our alliance before, just merely had the luck to come in when none of us were active and he became a leader AUTOMATICALLY UPON ENTERING THE ALLIANCE. That’s my whole issue here.
I did contact support via e-mail twice, but they said that the system does not allow them to edit ranks and thus restore my leadership. I will ask them if they can make me a member of my alliance and kick the hijacker(s) out (he let 2 other people in), though they would have told me if they were able to do that.
This automatic leadership rule without any recourse or remedy also being made available is beyond ridiculous.
It simply means to me that we have to be faithful slaves tied to this game if we don’t want to lose our hard-earned places, and even that is not a guarantee as some sort of a mishap in the system can render all of our efforts fruitless. It’s no wonder that so many people have given up on this game.

Leader should have longer than 7 days. I was on holiday this summer and by day 6 having to run hunting internet everywhere. I shouldn’t be afraid of losing my alliance because I was on vacation in a location without internet?

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Why would a leader even lose his alliance forever after becoming inactive for 7 days?

Let leaders simply “pause” an alliance indefinately. There’s no need for a 7 day clock or else you lose your alliance forever.

However if a leader transfers ownership of the alliance to a player, that’s fine.


That’s my whole point here.
Building up an alliance is so hard and time-consuming process, yet losing it is so easy and relatively very quick. If you need to spend 700 days (and quite a bit of resources, including money) to build up an alliance just to lose it in 7 days, then this game doesn’t appreciate loyalty.
Years to build, days to lose. It’s like a system with a built-in catastrophe.
Now I have even less of a reason to continue playing this game. I used to tell others about this game and was recommending it, but now I wouldn’t. It’s disappointing.

Friend, you have to have loyalty with your alliance.

I meant the developers do not appreciate the loyalty of their customers. Staying with a game for 2 years while spending a lot of time on it each week while taking away from other, more important, things in life is a big sacrifice which shouldn’t be allowed to be simply hijacked or taken away just like that without any recourse.

Friend, I understood about loyalty. But, you must understand that you have no loyalty for your alliance. You must recognize that your alliance for what you say was not an alliance of much activity, which means that you yourself had no loyalty for your own alliance. You cannot ask for loyalty from developers for your time lost in your alliance. Another thing is that due to system failure, technical problems could not enter the alliance and then if developers should solve, but it has not been. As you say, it is difficult to lose an alliance. Being several, you lose the alliance and that is because you yourself have not been loyal to the alliance. A leader must set an example to his members and although it is not necessary, but the leader as an example is not obliged, but he should be the most active. A leader, is a leader. The word leader is the maximum. Maybe you don’t have enough time to have an alliance. Having an alliance is not a whim but a sacrifice. I have an alliance and all the holy days, I connect and review donations and activated elites and send invitations, etc … Being a leader is not as you have been. If you are not very active, it is better to play for free or belong to another alliance, but to belong to another alliance, you will have to meet the minimum that a leader asks you. I do not speak to you in a bad way, friend, really not, but you must understand that as you say, you are not prepared to lead an alliance. Good for lack of time or for whatever, but you cannot carry an alliance as you were carrying it and you have to recognize it. The developers set a 7-day rule, you know and that’s what it is, accept it or don’t accept it, but that’s what it is. Even connecting every 3 days in an alliance is not the way to maintain an alliance. Online games are for addicted users, even if we have life outside the game, but you have to be addicted to the game. The developers are not to blame for anything friend. If you reopen another alliance, please be loyal to your alliance, but do not ask that developers have loyalty for your effort and commitment in the game, because you have not had loyalty or effort. It is to blame the developers, when really, you should blame yourself.

Addicted or not, real life takes precedence over the virtual one, unless I want to be living in my mom’s basement.
I used to spend almost all day sometimes, and a few days in a row during Conquest events to make sure my alliance is successful and moving up and forward.
I may have spent more time than you on this game.
Obviously, the developers of this game didn’t care enough to protect our HUGE investments in it.
I am DEFINITELY not starting another alliance, and I think of simply quitting the game and recommending everyone I know to do the same.
I don’t want to spend another chunk of my life on something that can be automatically snatched away just like that and not having any means provided to get that investment back.

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