Alliance level in matching the Conquest event

How does this pairing of alliances work in the new conquest event?
It is very obvious that an alliance with much more level has it easy because they would win all the confrontations due to the levels of the players. Is this unfair?

he always wins the best - and here again they have better alliances. I left one player with 3.5k cups and no one can defeat him (the best one has 3k)he always wins the best - and here they have better alliances again. I sent one player with 3.5k trophies and no one beat him (the best has 3k, but most have 2k max.) and you will not do anything. Jungle law also works in games.

Sure you can do anything. Declare war on him on terrains that give him disadvantages for defense and/or offense. Go in with members having enough troops assigned. This will make it harder for that player to gain supreme victory.

I will tell you that 3-4 players with correct strategy don’t need to beat his base, just score enough skulls to score skulls by picking spells that keep your troops and hero alive, take a pal like kaiser or panda to support it. 

Kaiser can do massive destruction (means scoring skulls). During this conquest you don’t need to lead in skulls, you need to be the first who scores supreme victory to beat him. Nice that he scores 7k skulls against your team. When you have a few players carrying more troops in total than he has, he is in serious trouble. When he has no supporting players, he will go down fast. Even 2k skulls against his base in total can do the job. Remember you get 50% skull bonus and you can also take him on with full combat gear. 30%- against his base can be already enough. 

Only thing you need to do, is making sure your team is on the right side of the supreme war condition. When he needs to score more skulls than your team, he can’t do a lot as solo player. In the end, the clock is ticking and when your victory condition is lower than his, he will lose eventually.

I can tell you we won a war against 7 pretty strong players. They had more troops, plus players, but we had the advantage of defending in the forest. We were clearly behind in skulls, but condition pointed to our side. Some more members supported us in that war, some even scoring not even 1k skulls. But every skull counts, the scale clearly was in favor of us. We only needed to wait till skulls we needed to score was running back to zero.

The victory bar doesn’t update on the screen. Watch that bar, remember the skulls. Click 30 seconds later on details for that bar, while nobody raided. You see the value being lowered. In equal terrain (grass) wars, in our situation every second 1 skull less was required. So in our situation 3600 skulls less were needed. When you are behind, then the clock is racing against you. 

So that’s why you should decide when to enter a war and when not. When you can change the tide (extra troops or just by raiding), join that war. Otherwise go back on defensible tile and wait for backup.