Alliance level rewards - question

Has anyone compiled a list of rewards for all the alliance levels 1-40?

Our alliance just hit level 37, and I now know that the level 38 perk is Elite Boost upgrade to Power Archer 5. I also noticed a slight increase in cost for current elite boosts. Raging Wolf extension cost increased from 1,024,000 gold to 1,048,000 with no increase in time (still 8 hours). This seems a like a bit of a penalty since we no longer increase player slots and are capped at 40.


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I do not know the answer, but I have another for you. :slight_smile:

What is the gold cost to level up alliance to 36 and / or 37?


I did not find the information and I write it in public, because I think others will find it useful as well.

If anybody else reads these questions and has answers, pleae help us.


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I can tell you that it is 84,000,000 to get to level 38. :slight_smile:

It would be great if other people could chime in and start filling in the blanks so we can chart out all the alliance level costs/rewards.

Thank you Breath of Trogdor!



That is a huge amount…

I thought I could be somewhere around 40 millions, but about double of it…


Although, thanks for the information, and I agree, it would be great to chart these things (on RR2 wikia it is only until level 22).



Level 39 elite boost bonus is: Stunning Ogre 3, with a cost of 88,690,000 gold to advance from level 38 - 39.

Also noticed that the cost to extend Raging Wolf elite boost increased by another 24,000 gold.

Level 36 cost: 1,024,000 gold for 8 hours

Level 37 cost: 1,048,000 gold for 8 hours

Level 38 cost: 1,072,000 gold for 8 hours

I am wondering if it might be better to just stop leveling your alliance at level 35?

It is a hard decision to upgrade alliance lvl or not since the maintenance cost for ALL BOOST will increase for no reason. I think if u hv extra lvl for some troop then only u increase its cost. Overall increase is kinda unreasonable 

Especially true with the current 40 members cap…

anyone have the raging wolf cost, step-by-step cost from its lvl.1 to lvl.max? kinda need it for elite boosts calculation. thanks .

cost depends on alliance level


eg for level 35 Alliance - an extension of the wolf (level2) 8 hours worth exactly 1000000


for level 36 - 1024000