Alliance login-in text

Here is the description of this must needed feature:

Guild leader or a General should be allowed to make and change, a text-based introduction/title/or whatever you name it. The text will appear every time a member logs in. This text, of course, should only only be visible to a person who logs-in with a special color- one that does not include regular text color. The text should should be allowed to have limited number of letters, like that of Twitter. Many games have this feature and it shouldn’t be hard for Flare Games to introduce one in here.

-Avoid repetition of alliance rules.
-Let members know about upcoming events fetched from Facebook or Forum or from the game itself.
-Keep members updated what’s the latest in the area.
-Cookies and Coffees!

Every time an alliance message changes, players get a new notification about it so you could use that to do what you’re suggesting. It is a work around though and I’d love to see some sort of notification system that everyone can’t avoid seeing. That way no would can use the excuse that they didn’t see it…

There are two problems with the current alliance message system, one linked with the other.

  1. message size. When there message is long enough the font size shrinks. Normally it wouldn’t be much of a problem but

  2. you can only see the most recent message in the alliance profile. Older messages can only be seen in the mailbox and this is when the font size issue kicks in. It all reads fine and dandy in the profile screen but long messages in mail screen on a phone are next to unreadable.

A much better system would be somethink like the bulletin in Storm of Wars. A large text space to write whatever you want in, perfect for house rules and other need-to-knows.

There should also be a better system for game events/announcements, aside from alliance messages. Right now when there’s an event there’s a screen that explains nothing really (a bunch of pictures and a “Granny Event” caption or whatever) with a “go to event/forum” button. I shouldn’t need to go to fb or forum or youtube to know about game events (and don’t get me started on how the game almost always crashes whenever you switch out to go to said website, or anything else for that matter). This should all be explained in detail in the game. There should also be a timer at the top of the screen, like for ninja/war/festivals, that would take me to the event screen and give the time when event ends. Even the forum isn’t clear on when events end, you just figure it out depending on when the game usually resets timers (which is 2pm CET or so. Get your timezone calculators out, folks!). Not to mention the event screen is never seen again once you close it if you forget/wasn’t paying attention you won’t know there’s an event happenning because there are ZERO indicators (you must have priced and times of things in your head to notice the discounts and things).


Okay in my ranting I think I have taken the message system issue a bit outside of OP’s intent. Oops…

Besides that, everything you said was pretty accurate. Any system relating to communication is not well thought out and is badly in need of some love. As of now it seems like they expected Rr2 to be a single player game, then changed it to an mmo later and added all the means of communication. It’s all quite clunky. 

And social interaction is something that can make or break games… it hasn’t seemed to have dragged Rr2 too much but it’s certainly not helping. And it’s low hanging fruit so I’m mystified why flare doesn’t go for it.

In a past game I used to play (with a far lower budget and with lower skilled devs), they did it well. They had a unified clock for the game displayed on guild pages, they had an in game forum, player to player messages were still limited but you never really got to it and messages on the guild wall had no limit, posts could be stickied and you could message any player or address a whole guild, right from their respective pages. Easy, fun, and created a really tight community that made the game last far longer than it probably should have.

Maybe flare thinks that with all the facebooks and discords they don’t need to bother implementing any proper communication mechanics and players will communicate through external tools instead.

You may be right about devs not being able to decide if RR2 should be a singles game or multi because the entire mmo aspect is clunky, not just social interactions (I’ve ranted more than enough about the rankings and player search and I’m far from done). The best thing about all this is those are not so difficult to implement and would improve the game A LOT. But I guess getting money out of whatever playerbase is still left comes firsr.

Rr1 was single player I think so they very well may have tried to do a continuation of that but switched to multiplayer some time during development