Alliance Loyalty Perks

To encourage players to stay in one alliance for a more significant amount of time, I would like to add incentives for each player to reinforce reasons to stay in a single Alliance by earning Alliance Points.

In regards to fixing Alliance hopping, we need to look at reasons why they are hopping.
Here are a couple of reasons why we have Alliance Hoppers:
Player losing interest in Alliance goals
Player does agree with leadership
Player is advancing faster or slower than the Alliance
Player is looking for greener pastures
Player does not like chat environment
Alliance kicked Player

Alliance Points
How Alliance Points work:
First of all, there needs to be an Overall status of Points and a monthly reset on points that correlates to Alliance Wars.

The points will be earned as follows:
Increasing Rank
Getting Promoted
Alliance War total fights
Alliance War total points

The points will only be earned within an Alliance. Once removed from Alliance, all points will be lost.

Promotion Buffs
Each Promotion should give a Buff. If this is put into place, there will be a set limit to the amount of upper ranking players like Generals, Officers, and Captains. Also the buffs should only be effective in an Alliance War.

Foot Soldier = +5% Damage
Veteran = +5% Damage, +1% Swiftness
Captain = +5% Damage, +1% Swiftness, +5% Health
Officer = +5% Damage, +1% Swiftness, +5% GK Health, +10% Gate Health
General = +5% Damage, +1% Swiftness, +5% GK Health, +10% Gate Health, +10% Power boost
Founder = +5% Damage, +1% Swiftness, +5% GK Health, +10% Gate Health, +10% Power boost, +50% Donation

Alliance Treasury
Simply put, the alliance members can donate gold and knowledge to the Treasury at anytime and however much but is taxed at 20%. Other members can be given the gold by officers and up. This will help the upper levels build up the lower level players.

I realize this is a lot to ask for. The current system in place, caters to the top alliances and makes jumping more opportunistic than staying loyal and growing with an alliance. I do lots of training and see most of my pupils jump upward once they have used my alliance as a stepping stone. This will give the Alliance more influence to keep players in the Alliance.

I’ve never really liked the idea of loyalty bonuses. The good alliances are worth being loyal to. You have dedicated leaders and lots of donations. Players have plenty of incentives to stay with a good alliance.

Bad alliances aren’t worth being loyal to. A player who finds themselves in a bad alliance shouldn’t feel any pressure to stay because they might lose a loyalty bonus.


I feel like you’re looking at this backwards. Why would a good player want to leave your alliance? Maybe it’s for more blessings or to win more often or to play with people who speak their own language. You can’t force loyalty through game mechanics. Rewarding loyalty is a nice idea, but most of the “loyalty bonus” ideas we’ve seen are the opposite — they’re handcuffs to restrict player movement.

You would get a situation where everyone would want a good rank for additional bonuses and promoting players for them to want to stay isn’t a good idea, it can have bad consequences.

You are right though, ambitious players go to the alliances that can offer the most, and blessings/enhancements through war are a big bonus, but also normal blessings.

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And there’s nothing wrong with that. Player mobility is a good thing

If you want to really upend the system, you take the total gem prize for each league (so titan league would be 8000x50 players=400,000 gems) and allow the the alliance to spend that on contracts for their players. When you recruit a player, you offer them a guaranteed contract to play with you for a period of time. The player can see all the offers available and make the best decision for them. For example, Alliance A offers a contract for 1 season for 15k gems, alliance B offers a contract for 6 seasons for 6k gems per season. Maybe the player wants the stability of a long term contract, maybe they want the big pay day and chance to be a free agent again after a season. The alliance can cut the player before the contract expires, but they owe the player the whole contract. The player cannot leave the alliance without breaking the contract and giving back gems. An alliance who spends all their budget on a few high priced free agents might find themselves in cap he’ll and unable to fill up their roster with quality players.


This will help larger alliances keep up with players but will keep the bottom alliance from growing. You will have the Yankees vs your daughters softball team.

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In our current system, it hurts to have a high jump rate. I’ve noticed that the Alliance War matchups are equal from the last couple of battle but get shifted to an advantage to the Alliance that recruited more in the off season. If we keep the Alliance War matchups like it is, we will need less movement in Alliances. Otherwise, we need to match up to a closer Power Ranking System. This I will have to go into detail on another thread.
Open system needs little movement
Open system needs better balancing

It is very hard to rise the ranks while keeping up blessings, keeping up ranks, and recruiting. The top Alliances have it made. The only time I see the top fall is when there is a rebellion inside a top alliance that breaks up the elites. This goes for any game.

I don’t think it would ever be implemented, don’t get me wrong, but at least it lets the player and the alliance each set the terms for how long a player stays with an alliance and at what cost. I also disagree that it helps larger alliances. Each alliance in a league would have the same budget to sign free agents. If you spend your whole budget on 15 blue chip players the rest of your roster would have to be made up of lower quality talent. It might help to walk back the consolidation of power in a handful of top alliances.

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There will be no handcuffs that restrict movement. There will only be incentives to those that stay will an Alliance. It would be nice if Alliances could offer more to players that would make the want to stick around and get to learn and grow with that alliance. I understand there are toxic alliances that need getting away from. The alliances that are just starting have a hard time keeping players and growing.
what is your forwards suggestion?

Why is that a bad thing? If your alliance is losing players or can’t recruit as well as others, buy more blessings or network better!

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Any incentive that a player earns through time served, and that disappears when they leave the alliance, is a handcuff. It makes the player who wants to leave less attractive to good alliances who might otherwise be willing to take a chance on a player they don’t know. The whole concept is great for alliance leaders (especially of bad alliances) and bad for players.

Player hoping, is actually simpler than what you are describing and there is nothing we can do about it 80% of the time.

80% of the time a player quits (or plays less time), and therefore gets kicked from the top alliance. That alliance then sends invites, naturally to top players and get them for the simple reason of competitiveness/rewards/prestige. That goes down the ladder so much, that the whole game is affecfed. Ive experienced this from alliance 130th to 1st.

For the other 20% Its just a matter of the person, there are loyal people and non loyal. Hoppers and non-hoppers. Again, nothing much you can do about them. Most people play the game to progress, besides the founder/general and “a few good men” everyone eventually moves “up” or his game time changes/quits.

Thanks for these ideas and the discussion. We are currently actively looking at dissuading players from constantly hopping between Alliances (not necessarily loyalty bonuses, but potentially other methods of dissuasion), so any fuel for discussion is useful. We hope to introduce something in the not too far future, but most likely not in the next version.


What is the main motivation for this?

hi Capitano :slight_smile: - is it possible to lower the% of the bonuses that are added up during the season? - there are alliances with very high bonuses - I will send you a copy of the screen shot

kiss kiss Artemus <3

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I can see that helping balance all the alliances.

I really hope it’s incentive’s for loyal players and not punishment to hoppers. If it is punishment, eventually we all could be punished for hopping on good reason.

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this is true.
imho some players (ofc not all) never have the goal to stay loyal with you. they just want raise up fast their account and head for either titan or their preverred top team. some are also just double accounts with either the same goal or to mess arround other alliances in titan (and even gods league) since nowadays you have to bring up 2nd or 3rd allies beside your main into titan s.t. the polictical system works to your favour. personally i dont like this, but other players do and also like the political aspect/tactics/negotiations/… what ever.

regards alli hoppings: why not implement something like fury during war: you can have up to max 3 (or 4) hopping points and you gain 1 a year, and start with 2. (maybe max and gain also also league dependent). someting like this, using one fantasy might help.

What happens if you choose a bad alliance with your last “hop” and you’re stuck in a place you hate? How do you know a good alliance from a bad one? Restricting player mobility is terrible for the game.