Alliance Loyalty Perks

as said, max amount and regneration can be discussed and may vary from league to league (allow more in lower leagues when you have not found your alli you want to stay yet).
and in addition: maybe consider a rebuy of a hooping point. maybe 4000 gems in titan, 2000 in gos league and so on.
imho there has to be done something regarding extensive use of hopping (circulation in cartels, “recruiting”, looking/spying, …)
if you play seriously there is no need for that. i play more than 3 years and i changed 2 times.

just a suggestion, i am waiting for suggestions of flare

Couldn’t you end up in a situation where a player gets kicked and finds themselves unable to join an alliance through no fault of their own?

that could happen, true. but maybe on lower leagues it is free or hopping cooldown is shorter. and again: max. allowed changes can be made higher - only flare can decide what is healthy for the game. maybe you can also enter a league one step lower to your last one for free. use imagination to make it work (ofc it is also important to point out weaknesses). maybe it is also a motivation not to get kicked.

but as i would also prefer a free movement of players, it would be great if FG finds another soultion. e.g. more stats and informations from players (like which allies he has been and where did he leave from its own will and where he got kicked.). but watching how often some players hopp around feels very strange. multiple merges, cartel rotations, kicking players for better ones is just sad.

Q: do you kick a player that is polite and active (i assume you do not kick for island VP cancelation) or do you kick a player that is trolling or inactive or does not follow major rules of your alliance. or do you rather kick to be a troll. maybe if a player gets kicked or leaves from his own will, people have to enter/select a reason for this.

I don’t see player mobility as a bad thing so we’re never going to see eye to eye on this issue. In my opinion, most calls for “loyalty” bonuses come from alliance leaders who “draft and develop” players and want to throw up obstacles to keep them in their alliance indefinitely, even if they player had a better opportunity somewhere else (or even just the perception of a better opportunity. The grass isn’t always greener).

I understand the impulse to want to keep players you feel you trained —I’ve lost more players than I can count who I feel I helped develop, and it always hurts at the time when they move on to another alliance. But I don’t think loyalty is something that can be imposed. It has to be earned.

Why do I kick players? The criticism I hear more often is that we don’t kick players often enough. Maybe it’s right and we’d win more often if we kicked players who didn’t score max spoils or follow orders perfectly. Who knows? But inactivity and low score is the number one reason. Sometimes players want to try out wars in Titan league and find themselves outclassed, too. It happens. Or real life happens. It doesn’t make the player a bad guy. I can sometimes offer those players a lower alliance to play in. You do that too, or at least you used to. I don’t know how active GA’s feeder alliances are these days.

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this is true for sure. but some are either just loyal to their own or to another alliance (and you dont konw this). we had so many players leaving without a word and we use our given chat system. some ofc want to try what it is like to play in one top alliance (the green gras or the better buffs and rewards). without a merge it is very hard/unlikely to be top 3 of titan - some come back, some dont. and what a merge is good for can be seen on heroes now (or whatever happened there).
it is not always the fault of “bad” leaders why players leave and yes, it is very hard to recruit good players - with the given informations and without good feeder alliances its just luck - sometimes its russian roulette.

we are not talking about real life that always has prio 1.

we just have a beta-alliance but some players there joined us now we left titan.
regarding feeder alliances: also a point for discussion… sure it can work if you have someone you can communicate outside the game and who maybe dont want do be as active as he has to be for his main alliance or because the main alliance is full (restricting movement is ofc not good for this). whatever, imho some just do this with and for breeding multiple accounts.

I agree. I don’t want to restrict movement, i just want to give more to the ones that stay in an alliance.

It’s not always an alliance’s fault when a player leaves, but sometimes the player wants something (or thinks they want something) that Alliance X can’t or won’t offer. Sometimes it’s blessings, sometimes it’s winning, sometimes it’s a more hardcore attitude, sometimes it’s a more laid back attitude.

Not every alliance is like yours, and some alliances value war over real life. Not many, but some do.

Most alliances seem to have feeders and training alliances or affiliates that come up through mergers. It’s been part of the game for ages.

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We kick for unannounced inactivity in my alliance. We expect common courtesy, letting the leadership (leader/generals/sergeants) know that a player will become inactive for any length of time because RL does take precedent in KotR. However, if a player doesn’t communicate, we do try to reach out before kicking. We run a good alliance, expect everyone to have fun while making daily donations and participating in events as much as possible. Have we kicked players for lack of playing? Yep…mostly during conquest season, though, and those were the ones who logged on, didn’t participate, didn’t donate, didn’t respond to flags, etc.

We get a lot of hoppers, and sometimes those hoppers do hurt our alliance. They join in the middle of ninja or war, do just enough to say they have participated, then leave right before the end of the event. Our alliance shows them on the membership list, but we can’t ask them to complete their battles because they are no longer with us. It’s part of the game, so it is what it is…not complaining, just stating facts, and wish there was a way to remove those lost players from a membership list after they’ve left.

(Sorry to add my opinion, but a lot of this holds true for RR2 as well as OR, since this post was listed under OR.)


Just to clarify, we do not intend to punish hoppers, however, we do feel that there is not enough of a reason for someone to be loyal to an Alliance, unless it is already successful. It does make things very difficult for small Alliances trying to break into the Leagues, where losing a Season can destroy a long-standing Alliance. If the destruction is mitigated by the fact that staying in the Alliance is still the better choice, this becomes less of a problem.


No need to apologise, all opinions welcome. What would you add to the game to dissuade the practice, or do you think it is a necessary evil?

Decrease the amount of time it takes to get to maximum level. This will increase the competition and keep players playing the game. There also needs to be an endgame for those that reach max level. Things that only max levels can do to earn perks. The goal being that most of your players are max level and competing for the top. The top needs to be worth competing for.


I would probably argue that if one losing season destroys an alliance, there were underlying problems that loyalty bonuses wouldn’t fix. They might drag out the inevitable – like the excuses people make to stay in a bad relationship – but eventually those systematic problems are going to cause a collapse.

I stand by my point that loyalty bonuses are good for bad teams, but bad for players. Maybe they’re bad for good teams, too. What does the well organized new alliance do when good players are incentivized to stay in a bad team instead of trying out something different?

I really do love our constructive arguments. But we are too biased from either side of the leagues. re-establishing the ancient disagreement between the poor man and the wealthy man. The “David and Goliath” story put into OR context. So let’s ask ourselves through analogy: Can a stone be thrown at the giants of this game to bring them down to be slain? Is the elite written in stone and made comfortable by his robes and guards? Just how much must be done before a change in the leader boards occurs?

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Yes. We’ve seen several times that when one alliance dominates the leaderboard, players will merge together to form a superteam to try and take them down. Another reason why loyalty bonuses are bad for the game. Player mobility is a big picture positive, not a negative.

It’s why it’s a bigger achievement to put together a sports dynasty in the collective bargaining/free agency era than it was when you basically owned the rights in perpetuity to players you drafted and developed.

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Elite player civil war?

Not really sure, but maybe why not.

Seriously, though, if your issue is that you recruit players (usually from someone else’s alliance, mind you), develop them a little, and then get upset when they decide to leave you for a better situation, ask yourself: what are 5 things you can do to help truly earn loyalty and retain talent?

Maybe it’s create a more fun atmosphere with contests and games.
Maybe you need a better communication network than the limited in-game chat.
Maybe you need an organized system of defense/offense workshops to better train all players.
Maybe you need clear organizational goals with repercussions for players who fail to meet standards (this is a big one! Driven, motivated players don’t want to feel like they’re carrying all the water for slackers and no-shows).
Maybe you need more blessings, plain and simple, and a roadmap to set and maintain them.

Some of these goals/programs are pretty easy to achieve. Some take time to develop, others take a lot of discipline. All are worthwhile. I’m sure you’re doing some or working on them. There are plenty more I didn’t mention.

The lazy solution to the problem is to say “Maybe I need a loyalty bonus to handcuff my players so I don’t have to do any of these other things.” It’s really not a solution. The alliances who work to earn loyalty will eventually take and keep players from alliances who don’t. Loyalty bonuses, like I said above, just drag out an inevitable collapse, and ultimately just make it annoying for the player when they decide to leave an alliance. I’m pro-player here.

Finally. One whole year with unfair war blessings distribution really made things extremely difficult for small Alliances with devastating consequences. And now,oh boy,War Enhancements will make things even more difficult for those unfortunate players. What will keep good players in lower leagues?Friendship? National themed Alliance? Only small number of players are satisfied there with that,currently.


I suppose if it’s incentive to not leave an alliance, I’d say that upon joining a new alliance- war blessings gain strength with passing time, for example after 1 week 25% alliance blessing strength, 2 weeks 50% blessing strength, 3 weeks 75% and after 4 weeks the player gains 100% alliance blessing strength… you could also give a cumulative additional 2% per war season of continuity in that alliance which would have an upper limit maybe of 120%… that would be worth staying for and not leaving for long serving members.

And blessings are both defensive and attacking so maybe not too many balance issues.


The hopping is a necessary evil, at least in my opinion. If one can’t hop from alliance to alliance, how else can one find an alliance that is suitable to one’s own needs? When I first joined, I hopped around, hitting up about 6-10 different alliances until I found one that I really enjoyed playing in. I stayed with that one for the 1 1/2 years, through 2 mergers, until things started to go really bad. Then I left and started hopping again, and decided the nursery alliance of my original one was where I belonged. That’s where I am now, and we are building it up to become the best alliance we can…and dealing with hoppers who are looking for a home. I don’t think there is a way to force people to stop hopping. They will do it on their own once they find the right alliance to settle down with.


You’re playing RR2,right? I play both games and you can’t compare these games. In OR you can get at the end of the each season 8k+ gems,chaos gate(ONLY IN THE BEST LEAGUE)+many other blessings in the strong,top Alliance.
In RR2 you CAN win boost for Doom gate,boost for gargoyle tower an other war boosts in ALMOST EVERY WAR.Each Alliance have some chances.
In OR,however,there is discrimination for over a year and 95% players CAN’T win the best war boosts.
You can hop around,and you should. But would you stay in alliance where you can’t forever win the best war boosts and snake or viking boosts from conqest?