Alliance LV 36 - Ranked 12 - Looking for A GROUP of ACTIVE PLAYERS

Hi guys,

Recruitment for alliance “rewen”.

The alliance lv 36 is a legacy of someone else. We are able to have 40 members. Gems donation to upgrade the Alliance level is not necessary. Then, we only ask for daily donation to keep blessing.

There was a pretty long time from the release of the game. Some active players reached high level and the game is becoming boring with them. I accept new members, but most of them are inactive. It makes this game to become an offline game. 

We are looking for members and a group of players, who are being active in low level alliances. 

All requirements are being active and can donate at least 50k/day or 300k/week (Low level player can start with gem donation, with 60% gold bonus, you will get lv 40 soon). So we can keep 1 blessing activated 24/7. I’m sure that it’s all we need to win our battles.

  • We currently have 38 members but many are new, inactive, non-typing players.

LINE CHAT or WHATSAPP for sharing experience and strategies would be great.

Post your in game ID here to receive invitation. 


Rewen general


Update on recruitment.