Alliance member amount

It would be a good idea to incresase the maximum amount of Alliance members from 60 to 70. 60 is too little. If there shall be a maximum amount of members, it should be 70.

I looked up your alliance and you only have 16 members. Therefore, on what basis do you feel that 60 members is not enough? only have 41 members currently and already feel that we will never reach 60 members as it requires so much gold to achieve that state. Personally, I can’t wait until I reach the 60 member maximum though because then at that point, my alliance can finally start using all of our gold exclusively for alliance boosts! Therefore, I’m of the opinion, that we do not need an increase at all.

But, what if only 5-10 members is active. You cant just kick people all the time and hope for active members. 70 member cap has a higher chance of active members.

Where is written that having 70 members you have more chance to get only active players ? You can have inactive member as you have 60 or 70 or 100 members, all depend on how you admin your alliance and how much you are lucky to invite all players.

An alliance lvl 55 with 60 members is a personal record to reach, so i think it’s good as it is, unless flaregames wanna shift one’s ground.

It’s not all about managing. Something depends on the alliance managing. Active members come and go. Good alliance or not.