Alliance Member Ranks and Chats.

Hi Since Conquests and especially vip chats many players are who want to make notifications and at least view the VIP chat. This urges the to be generals but they cannot be made generals in high rank teams. To Solve this issue and get a better communicating experience the 3 rank system should be replaced by a 5 rank system. Also 5 rank system will make players more responsible because a rank 2 or 3 player would not want to do thing that will lead to his demotion. Also they wont switch teams often as generals don’t probably a general never leaves an alliance until its a merger or he goes inactive.

Rank 5 Leader : Full control

Rank 4 Commander : Able to Promote/Demote/Kick Players of rank 2 or lower + All controls Current Generals have.

Rank 3 Generals : -command flags.

Rank 2 Lieutenants : Current Soldiers + able to participate/see VIP chats and make(and/or also clear) notifications. Can see the activity status assign troops and may start tech upgrades and watch towers.

Rank 1 Soldiers : current soldiers

Also A war/public chat can be introduced in which all members/rank 2 members of the waring alliances can participate.

Chats need some new graphics like full screen or half screen to continue watching conquest board and typing. Also typed text should be saved for some time because whenever I have to talk about a tile I see its number type a line then forget the number. Then I have to go back and repeat the procedure. Sometimes I forget again ?. It would be better If chat is full screen and another button at bottom right corner to send messages directly including option for vip chat having window similar to tile info window.

Alliances should be able to sign peace Treaties with upto 2 other alliances not during wars with them for a minimum of 3 or 6 months. These cannot be provoked until ended. Players in Friend alliances cannot attack each other but cannot test the defenses either. It should say “Under Peace Treaty” and display grey color. This system can also lead to another type of chat friend alliances. It can also lead to another type of conquest that can be 2 vs 2 would be same as it is now only two already friend teams will be on the same map. A better Sector system can be introduced in which there are 20 to 60 teams having one combined team and war chat. Teams in a sector will be matched with one another. It will then be better to make friends in current sectors and players will be able to see what teams they can be matched up against. All these Things will improve strategy of the conquests making it a challenge and also easier to master up. cause there will be more then one ways to victory.

Also Can it be possible to send gifts at least gold and food to other alliance members?

Sector Idea is good for match making,. It could be a server sided. It may be still is but current conquest match making is not good enough I mean we are matched up against top 12 th team  and two really weak teams. Result is that team controls all the forest in the center only we control one special tile and all other special tile belongs to them. They took down our upto 10 towers. and other 2 teams are forced back at stronghold by both of us and we trying to fight that top team in front of other team’s stronghold.Sad other teams wont get much of rewards.

To make Sector System more easy to understand think it same as tier system like tier 1.1 , 1.2 , 1.3 ,------- but all of these will get tier 1 rewards. The only thing where sector system mismatches the tier system is when one team climbs up a sector the other team from above sector climbs down. But they both will have same rewards because they both belong in same tier. A sector can contain at least 12 alliances and go as high as 60. to make group of 4 for conquests and group of 6 for wars possible. It would be nice if players can see which teams they can match up against but it wont be necessary. Again I am not sure if it is still implemented at the servers but current matchmaking forces me to believe its not.

See These kinds of problem can be solved by 5 rank system. Just make war declaration unavailable for rank 1 players and make it available for rank 2 players. This way only trusted players can declare wars and all players wont do ***** things. Because if we start a war with an alliance they come in great numbers and attack us in return. If you want most out of the conquest you need to learn to make peace with at least one ally preferably neighbor ones


Sargent rank system looks promising and in future maybe there can be some war approvals system also