Alliance Members list as "dashboard" for Alliance Managers

"Newb Enablers" series

Both new members & new alliance managers need vital info on the health of their alliance, continuously & at their fingertips. The current “Alliance Members” list can be enhanced to a veritable dashboard by inserting a few critical data points that empower alliance managers to detect early signs of trouble & initiate corrective measures. In addition to the currently offered statistics, the below mockup shows:

  • Average Ascension level —managers manually calculate by maintaining an Excel sheet. This helps maintain a safe average for wars.
  • Average Fury utilization —Total Furys used ÷ Total Furys available. This helps award promotions & track non-performers. 
  • Online/ Offline indicators —clearly color-coded for accessibility, bright green for “Online”, bright red for “Offline” and gray for “Inactive” .
  • Member Ascension level —the entire list is sorted & sequenced as per this parameter. Unlike Trophies (which go up & down), Ascension is mono-directional, so looking for members is easier (especially in a 50-member alliance). 
  • Language & Timezone —the member’s location & preferred communication for chat (esp. war directives) to engage with the team (See previous suggestion).
  • Member Profile button —to view the Curriculum Vitae of individual members (See previous suggestion).
  • Private Message button —for placing sensitive requests to individual members, to privately admonish/ advise, etc. This feature could be turned off at the Player Profile page besides the “Accept Invite” functionality (See Warriornator’s suggestion). Disabled PMs have their buttons grayed out. 
  • Individual Fury Utilization % —a cumulative utilization data point for the member that indicates interest in Strikes. Members may be motivated to compete on this parameter, effectively helping the alliance. This also helps identify leeches early on. 

In case you’re wondering where all the donation info disappeared, they are presented in another exclusive dashboard for the alliance’s fund management—“Treasury”.

_ Note : Though to a visual designer, this page may look atrociously crammed, it’s effectively an interactive “spreadsheet” that managers use from dawn to dusk for decision making, so it’s OK_. ?

Thanks. ☺️

Another thing that Was requested a LONG time ago was arrow buttons to scroll through the members of the alliance so you didn’t have to go out to the main screen every time 

Good idea, if I understand it correctly. Is it something like this…?

Exactly right. 

What the coincidence lol. We have suggest exactly the same thing few days ago in RR2. Hope to see this