Alliance Membership All Messed Up.

So right now alliance “Us vs Them” has people on our member list that are NOT in our alliance.

Jim1970 is on our member list, but his profiles says Todesritter

Subhra Jeet is on our list but profiles says no alliance.   Before I had even finished typing this, his profile now says BERLINER, even though he never joined them

We are maxed at 60, and some members may have been forced out?

@Alysea Please help us!

The Elite Boosts are also messed up.

Looks like FG put an 8 hours backup online. Everything that happened in the last 8 hours is gone…Back to the future.



Elite boosts are also messed up

We at North have the same problem. A member left for another alliance after the back up you installed, but right now he is on our memberslist and are we full at 60/60, while actually we are at 59/60… Pretty annoying… Please stop fucking up.


Game is so buggy now, that (quick) solve of one problem cause many others

Any gold donations to alliances by players at this hours of rollback WAS LOST!

But cooldown time of this donations for each player is still as it was.


Instead of solving problem, and only after that start some events you just do Quick fix, or directly compensate some players who asks for compensation (it is 0.1% or 0.5% of all who suffer from YOUR problems)


Any player of our alliance was ready and just laughing at the start of the event to server crashes, game crashes, flare problems, new bugs etc

But it is not funny

Flare not ready to solve problems before event, they too just sitting and wathcing - oh, very interesting, what new problem may come up at start of event.

Bugs are still present. I think Flare should turn back to the version they had before today’s server update.

@Alysea said in a topic in the bugs section that this problem shouldvr been solved within 24h. At least for North this hasnt been the case. Pretty annoying we cant accept a 60th member, just because Flare fucks up… Not only makes this recruiting harder, but also do we lack a daily donation… And I dont know if you noticed, but boosts have gotten quite expensive due to this new update.

bugs just never get fixed…we fuss when they happen…flare says they work on it…then flare announces new stuff and all old bugs get buried…nothing ever gets fixed…forum gets hot for a day then all is forgotten


Could you please send me in private message the name of the Alliance and the names of the players, for all of you who are affected?

I’ll handle it.


The gold donated on Friday 9th 00:00 GMT until the live server update which happened around 6pm GMT+2 has been given back to all alliances.